SIOP Annual Conference Career Center

Welcome to the Conference Career Center! 

The worldwide pandemic has introduced a number of uncertainties in our day-to-day life and that likely extends to the job search. Although many things are still uncertain SIOP would still like to provide a forum for organizations and to find I-O talent and for job seekers to find roles for the next phase in their career. With this is mind the Conference Career Center is committed to offering a setting to help facilitate these connections at the SIOP Annual Conference, a virtual event. 

In addition to the online job board and resume bank that has always been a part of the Conference Career Center, there will also be a number of other ways for organizations to find talent and for job seekers to prepare for their next career steps. This year the Conference Career Center will offer a virtual Open House, opportunities to participate in a mock interview process, as well as conference guides and coffee sessions to assist job seekers in the process. 

Whether you are an organization looking to hire or you are on the job market looking for your next opportunity, we hope the Conference Career Center can help you in your search. 

Thank you,


Amber Burkhart and Gonzalo Ferro
Career Services Committee Chairs     

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