Executive Board Block

The Executive Board has added several thought-provoking sessions to the conference program, emphasizing topics identified by SIOP leaders to share with you and gather your input about key initiatives, partnerships, and advocacy efforts of the Society. These sessions have been carefully designed to address the needs of SIOP members


Promoting Anti-Racist Education and Training: Brainstorming With CEMA and E&T   (Friday, April 16, 9-9:50 am CT, Virtual Room 1, Block 7)

To increase understanding of how SIOP can better serve anti-racist goals, CEMA and E&T committee leaders will describe ongoing anti-racist efforts. Small-group brainstorming sessions will follow to discuss ways in which these efforts can be improved upon, as well as any new initiatives that would help improve the educational experience of our underrepresented student members.

Session Chairs (in alphabetical order):

Lawrence Houston III, CEMA Committee chair/Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
Sabrina D. Volpone, CEMA mentoring program Subcommittee chair/University of Colorado Boulder
Jennifer L. Wessel, Education and Training Committee chair/University of Maryland College Park

Ten Years as an NGO: Reflecting on SIOP’s Partnership With the United Nations  (Friday, April 16, 1:30-2:30 pm CT, Virtual Room 1, Block 10)

This session will review several accomplishments of SIOP and its work with the United Nations (UN) since being granted consultative status as an NGO by the UN 10 years ago. In doing so, panelists will reflect on SIOP’s experiences in working with the UN, review current and future planned initiatives, and seek audience input into ways that SIOP can further leverage its partnership with the UN.

Chair:  Mark L. Poteet, Organizational Research & Solutions


Lori Foster, North Carolina State University
Julie Olson-Buchanan, California State University, Fresno
Deborah Rupp, George Mason University
John C. Scott, APTMetrics

A Discussion: SIOP Membership Trends Then, Now, and Beyond  (Thursday, April 15, 9-9:50 am CT, Virtual Room 2, Block 1)

With the growing interest in I-O psychology, it is imperative that SIOP examines its emerging membership to ensure member needs continue to be a priority. This executive board block panel discussion will include leaders from both academia and practice who will interpret the findings from the membership committee. These leaders will offer guidance on how to enrich the future of SIOP membership.

Cochairs: Allan Church, PepsiCo; and Tiffany Poeppelman,  LinkedIn


Nicole Ginter, Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Eden King, Rcie University
Elaine Pulakos, PDRI
Steven Rogelberg, University of North Carolina
Enrica Ruggs, Universtiy of Memphis


Shanique Brown, Wayne State University
Michelle Goros, Infor
Caitie Jacobson, Consultant


Igniting SIOP’s Top Ten Workplace Trends with I-O Thought Leaders (Asynchronous Session, watch on Whova on your schedule)

Ten panelists consisting of SIOP’s leaders and experts will bring the SIOP 2021 Top Ten Trends list to life in this high energy IGNITE session. The session will focus on what we know, what we do not know, and where we should be heading for I-O psychology to be at the forefront of workplace issues and be seen as a trusted authority as it relates to these trends.

Cochairs: Amanda Woller, Lee Company; and Caitlin Demsky, Oakland University


Evan Sinar, BetterUp
Kristen Shockley, University of Georgia
Mahima Saxena, Illinois Institute of Technology
Tammy Allen, University of South Florida
Doug Reynolds, Development Dimensions International (DDI)
John Boudreau, University of Southern California/Center for Effective Organizations
Alexis Fink, FaceBook
Autumn Krauss, Principal Scientist at SAP SuccessFactors
Kisha Jones, Florida International University
Neil Morelli. Berke

The State of SIOP D&I: A Panel Discussion with SIOP’s D&I Committee Chairs  (Friday, April 16, 3:30-4:50 pm CT, Virtual Room 1, Block 11)
Sponsored by the CEMA, IAC, LGBT, DIAC, and WIN Committee Chairs, and the Military Veterans Initiative Task Force, this session brings together committee chairs for each of SIOP’s D&I portfolio committees to discuss the results of SIOP’s 2019 Diversity & Inclusion survey, where current gaps exist, and ongoing activities within each committee focused on improving the experiences of I-O psychologists.


Kristin Saboe, Boeing
Alexandra Zelin, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Lawrence Houston, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Andrei Ion, University of Bucharest,
Sharon Glazer, University of Baltimore/Healthy Organization, Inc.
Susan D'Mello, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)
Enrica Ruggs, University of Memphis
Fred Macoukji, LGBT Committee chair/Walmart Stores Inc.


The SIOP Living History Series Presents: Neal Schmitt  (Friday, April 16, 5-5:50 pm CT, Virtual Room 1, Block 12)

Neal Schmitt, past president of SIOP, is a prolific researcher who has influenced I-O psychology through both science and practice, and has received numerous awards highlighting his distinguished career. In this session, the Living History series continues by interviewing I-O luminaries with the goal of learning from their stories.

Chair: Margaret Brooks, Bowling Green State University