Featured Sessions

Making a Shift: How Organizations Are Responding to COVID19 Pandemic  (Asynchronous/Prerecorded)

This panel will explore organizational responses and future implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of work. Learn from organizations that have made a shift in how they do business—changes to where and how work gets done, how customers are served, and where talent come from will all have lasting changes on workforces.

Chair: Eileen M. Linnabery, Vantage Leadership Consulting


Brian J. Marentette, I/O Solutions, INC.
Christopher K. Adair, Kincentric
Mary M. Keegin,  Meijer
Samuel K. Young, Avanade, Inc.


How to Create a Culture of Psychological Safety: Part 2  (Friday, April 16, 10-11:20 am CT, Virtual Room 1, Block 8)

This session builds on the 2019 virtual conference session in which a panel of leading experts from academia and practice identified guiding principles around which organizations can build people practices, programs, and systems that foster psychologically safe cultures.  In this session, the same panel discusses what it looks like to put these guiding principles into action.

Chair: David Geller, Consultant


Ethan R. Burris, University of Texas at Austin
Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School
Brian Welle, Google


DEI Panel: What Leading Organizations Are Doing (Friday, April 16, 1:30-2:20 pm CT, Virtual Room 1, Block 9)

In this session, diversity, equity, and inclusion experts from leading organizations, such as Dell, 3M, Microsoft, and US Bank will share their approaches to DEI initiatives, discussing key considerations, lessons learned, and success metrics, so that others can learn from their efforts in order to successfully drive these efforts in their own organizations.

Chairs: Liberty J. Munson, Microsoft, and Doug Molitor, 3M

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training: Does It Work? What the Research Say  (Thursday, April 15, 1:30-2:20 pm CT, Virtual Room 3, Block 4)

In this session, an expert panel will describe the research done on diversity and inclusion and provide insights into its effectiveness, when it works, when it doesn’t, and lessons organizations can learn as they consider how to approach unconscious bias in ways that will unlock the potential of having a diverse group of employees.

Chairs: Liberty J. Munson, Microsoft, and Jamie Perry, Cornell University


Mindy E. Bergman, Texas A&M University
Katerina Bezrukova, University at Buffalo
Michelle (Mikki) Hebl, Rice University
Eileen M. Linnabery, Vantage Leadership Consulting
Victoria P. Mattingly, Mattingly Solutions

Machine Learning Competition  (Thursday, April 15, 10-11:20 am CT, Virtual Room 2, Block 2)

The 2020/2021 SIOP machine learning competition is a chance to (a) learn by doing, (b) bring new methods to the field, and (c) establish performance benchmarks. Adopting a Kaggle-like style, it provides an opportunity for the field to come together to tackle tough methodological problems, determine the best solutions systematically, and then share back insights and reproducible code.

Chairs: Nick Koenig, Modern Hire, and Isaac Thompson, Modern Hire