2021 Theme Track: Moving Forward


Grief to Opportunity: How Organizations Can Help Employees Heal and Transform in Times of Crisis   (Thursday, April 15, 12:30-1:20pm, Virtual Room 2, Block 3)

COVID-19 and the collective trauma of racial injustice have forced organizations to adapt rapidly  and face issues head on that may have avoided in the past. During crisis, organizations have a unique opportunity to not only support employees in healing but to grow as well. This session will share how one organization addressed the crisis by focusing first on well-being, highlighting the resources and actions taken to foster resilience and growth in the workplace.

ChairsCharmane Harrison, Akron Children’s Hospital, and Richard Landers, University of Minnesota

Presenter: Ashley Yousufzai, BetterUp

Visibly & Meaningfully Moving I-O Forward: Addressing Societal Issues  (Thursday, April 15, 1:30-2:20pm, Virtual Room 2, Block 4)


This session will address increasing I-O’s presence on socially relevant topics. It begins with brief presentations by experts representing a range of experience on shifting the focus and visibility of I-O (providing funding, journal editing, social media gurus, public outlet writers). Dialogue on actions that any I-O can take to prepare themselves to move forward in a meaningful and visible way will follow.

Chairs: Keaton Fletcher, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Richard Landers, University of Minnesota 


Georgia Chao, University of South Florida
Milton Hakel, Bowling Green State University
Lillian Eby, University of Georgia
Sharon Clarke, The University of Manchester
Lisa Finkelstein, Northern Illinois University
Quinetta Roberson, Michigan State University
Katina Sawyer, The George Washington University

Visibly & Meaningfully Moving I-O Forward: Building an Agile Work Culture  (Thursday, April 15, 3:30-4:50pm, Virtual Room 2, Block 5)

Work culture is rapidly evolving due to world and social events. Experts share how their culture has evolved and what they are doing to move forward in a meaningful way.  A general introduction is followed by short expert presentations and closes with audience dialogue. Focus is on how talent leaders and I-Os intentionally impact their organizational culture during turbulent times.

Chair: Charmaine Swanevelder, Synergy Talent Solutions    

Presenter: Paula Caligiuri, TASCA Global


Allan Church, PepsiCo    
Michelle Miller, Tenet Healthcare
Joel Butler, Fedex

The Face of I-O Students: Challenges to Diversity With Strategies for Moving Forward  (Thursday, April 15, 5-5:20pm, Virtual Room 2, Block 6)

The intention of the panel will be to raise awareness of obstacles to diversity within the discipline while providing insight into possible strategies for increasing ethnic-minority student representation. This will be a facilitated panel discussion in which experts in the area of diversity present obstacles for ethnic-minority student awareness of I-O psychology and feelings of inclusion and to provide strategies which can be put into action moving forward.


Derek R. Avery, University of Houston
Mikki Hebl, Rice University
Kisha Jones, Florida International University
Kecia M. Thomas, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Nicholas Salter, Hofstra University