Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” 

Don’t Miss Out…

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest in a SIOP Virtual Conference Partnership

  • Maintaining social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Good.
  • Losing ground with your target audience in the I-O community? Bad!

Prospect identification, relationship building, and business development continue to be important for sharing your organization’s message with the SIOP audience. (As of June 5, 2020, the SIOP Virtual Conference has 1,903 registrants from 36 countries!)

Now is an opportunity to learn how to effectively use online tools—like the Whova app, SIOP’s Virtual Conference platform—to meet your marketing and sales goals during the pandemic.

Yes, the virtual conference format is quite different from having a booth at an in-person conference, but there are benefits to identifying and meeting prospects virtually. You can’t meet every attendee at an in-person event. But, at a virtual event, you can study the list of the attendees, read their profiles, identify prospects, and invite them via an in-app message to visit your informative, in-app company profile.

Company Profile As “Virtual Booth”—Each SIOP 2020 Virtual Conference Partner will have a company profile on the Whova app where you can demonstrate your thought leadership with informative videos, research results, and white papers. Generate leads by adding promotional incentives for attendees to contact you before, during, and after the virtual event (e.g., enter-to-win contest, raffles, or a discount off services.) The Company Profile is your “virtual booth” during the event—make it an interesting and informative place to visit!

Attendee ProfilesIdentify the right prospects quickly and easily. Find individuals that YOU want to meet and reach out to them through in-app messaging system to arrange a private chat.

Community Board—Participate in discussions. Announce contests or raffle results. Arrange an external video chat on a specific date and time and invite a group of attendees to learn about your products and services or to share interesting trends/research in your area of expertise. Each level of partnership allows you to attend the virtual conference as a regular attendee, not as booth staff.

Easy Lead Retrieval—Partners will be able to compile contact information of interested attendees on a private list, which can be downloaded at the end of the conference.

In-App Visibility—Your logo will appear in prominent locations on the app. The value of having your logo there means associating your brand with SIOP’s and demonstrating your support for the society and our members.

In-App Support—I will work with each partner on a virtual conference marketing communication plan, which will include suggestions for how to build a robust Company Profile, ideas for contests or coupons or offers, and the types of messages to post on the Community Board that will attract attention. Additionally, I will help Platinum Partners promote an attention-getting activity using SIOP communication tools like in-app announcements.

As a marketing and sales professional with 30+ years of experience, I know that now is not the time to stop working on building relationships with current customers or finding new ones. The SIOP 2020 Virtual Conference is an opportunity to learn how to effectively use virtual events as another marketing tool.

Together, let’s make it happen. Contact me at today.