SIOP welcomes participation in the call for proposals by all SIOP members as well as non-members.

  Fellows, Members, Associates, Retired Members Student Affiliates

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Eligible to submit proposals Yes Yes No
Eligible to chair sessions Yes Yes, when co-chairing with a non-student member No
Eligible to participate as presenter Yes Yes Yes, when sponsored by a non-student member*

*Sponsoring Member should:

  1. request that the non-member creates a SIOP account,            
  2. inform the non-member that they will need to pay a registration fee to attend the conference and
  3. provide information on logistical aspects of the conference.


An individual may be a presenter/first author or chair/co-chair in no more than three proposals (rule of three). It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that those within that session have not agreed to be presenters/first authors (includes discussants) or chairs in more than three proposed sessions.

Multi-presentation proposals must have presenters from at least two different affiliations (diversity of affiliation rule). Although a single presentation within a multi-presentation proposal may have all authors from the same institution, the overall session must contain presenters from at least two different affiliations. This requirement is not applicable to Posters and Master Tutorials.  

Presenters commit to delivering their presentation in-person, and paying the SIOP conference registration fee and related travel expenses. By submitting a proposal, you are confirming the commitment of the first author(s) to deliver the presentation in person at the SIOP conference should it be accepted. All presenters are responsible for their own travel expenses and conference registration fees, even if they only plan to attend their own session(s). There are no substitutions of presenters or papers after submission.

Presenters agree to citation and distribution of session materials. Submission of a proposal is taken as agreement to allow individuals to cite your presented work in their future research. It is expected that presentation materials will be shared with attendees upon request, and thus submitters should ensure that they have the legal right to present the material included in the submission. If permission must be obtained from a sponsoring organization (e.g., your employer) to allow the presentation of data or other information, such permission must be secured prior to submission.

Previously published/presented work is not permitted. No previously published or presented works (e.g., journal articles, book chapters, books), including any works already accepted for publication (or contracted for publication), should be submitted.

Proposals under review for other meetings/conferences should not be submitted. A proposal should not be submitted for review simultaneously with review for any other international, national, regional, or state meeting.

Proposals with a commercial intent and focus are not permitted. Presenters should be sensitive to the commercial nature of products and/or services discussed in the context of their sessions. Presentations that focus on the commercial intent of a product or service rather than on the science and practice of I-O psychology are not permitted. If you wish to promote a product or service, you may want to become a sponsor or exhibitor. Contact the SIOP Administrative Office (siop@siop.org) for more information.  


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