The SIOP submission deadline is firm. The submission site will close at 5pm Eastern Daylight time on September 11, 2019. Traffic on the site is extremely heavy as the deadline approaches, and submitters should plan to complete their submissions well in advance of the deadline. No exceptions to the deadline will be made for any reason.

The SIOP submission process is entirely online. Only submissions received through the online process will be accepted for review.

While we continue to make improvements to the online submission process, many submitters will find the process somewhat time consuming and not always easy to navigate. The resources in this section are designed to make the submission process as easy as possible. Please review all of the content in this section and complete the suggested checklists to make the best use of your time. The information covered here is not exhaustive, but is meant to highlight the content that may take time for submitters to consider or require coordination and communication with participants in a submission.

Create New

Review the list of content areas (called Presentation Track in this part of the process) and identify the primary content area for your submission.

Co-Authors tab

Ensure that all participants in your submission have current information in their siop.org profiles. All nonmembers should create an account at siop.org (creating accounts is not equivalent to applying for membership).

Document tab

Several pieces of information are required or requested on this page. Short title, word count, abstract, and press paragraph can be copied directly from your proposal document and pasted here. Below are descriptions of additional information you may want to provide.

Secondary content area. You selected a primary content area on the Create New page (it was called Presentation Track there). If there is a secondary content area that is applicable to your submission, please select it here.

Social Media Statement. Should your submission be accepted, SIOP would like to promote it via social media. In 15 or fewer words, please describe your submission in the space provided. Consider using a curiosity-inducing question or statement to build audience interest in your session. Before sharing the post via social media, SIOP will add a link to your session and the conference hashtag (#SIOP19). Examples: “Learn how to innovate through biz experiments #innovation @trpoeppelman”  -  “Learn the Do’s, Don’ts, and How-To’s of Big Data in the workplace! #bigdata @evansinar”

Permission to share with SIOP members. SIOP encourages all submitters to make their submission materials available to members. If all participants in your session have agreed to make the submission material available, please check this box.

LGBT Research Award. Please review eligibility for the LGBT Research Award and check this box if your submission is eligible and you would like to be considered.

Special Requests. Please indicate any special requests (e.g., scheduling, presentation needs such as a flip chart, special video hookups or audio connections). Special requests can only be considered if made at the time you submit your proposal and are subject to logistical and financial considerations. For Alternative Sessions only, please be sure to indicate in the special requests check box if a round table room set up is required. Attempts will be made to honor requests for round tables, however, they cannot be guaranteed. 

Verify Submission. You will be asked to attest to the following list of statements to ensure the compliance of your submission. Please review this list and be prepared to verify that your submission meets these requirements.

  • I affirm that my proposed submission meets all applicable criteria in the Call for Proposals.
  • I affirm that if this submission is for any session type other than a poster or master tutorial, it must contain presenters from at least two different affiliations.
  • I affirm that all presenters have committed to present in person should the session be accepted.
  • I affirm that all presenters understand that they must pay the registration fee to attend the conference.
  • I affirm that all presenters (i.e., first authors, discussants, chairs) in the proposed session have the legal right to present and distribute all information included in the submission.
  • I affirm that there will be no substitutions of presenters or papers within my session after submission.
  • I affirm that the individuals in this submission are in the role or chair, presenter, first author, discussant, or moderator in no more than three proposals.
  • I affirm that the person listed as first author will be the actual presenter of the paper.


Checklist: Before You Begin the Online Submission Process

  • I have my SIOP username and password (contact siop.org if you need help)
  • I am an active member of SIOP (my 2019-2020 dues are paid).
  • If a student, I have verified my eligibiity to remain a student. If needed, I will upgrade my status to a professional member in advance of the submission deadline.
  • All participants in my submission have confirmed that the information in their SIOP profiles is current.
  • All non SIOP members participating in my submission have created an account at siop.org (note: creating an account is separate from becoming a SIOP member).
  • I have an easily accessible list of all participants in my submission.
  • The proposal document for my submission has been prepared according to the instructions in the Preparing and Formatting Your Proposal Document section.
  • I have reviewed the Preparing for the Online Submission Process information and am prepared with my content and answers.
  • I have access to the submission site walkthrough to help with any questions I may have during the submission process.
  • I have set aside 20-60 minutes for completing the online submission process (assume 60 mins as submission deadline approaches).



















Checklist: Before You Click Submit

Co-Author Tab

  • Have all participants been added as Co-Authors?
  • Have all Co-Authors been assigned a role?
  • Do all Co-Authors have the correct affiliation listed? If not, they need to update this information in their SIOP profile.

Document Tab

  • Did you complete and save all required information on this tab?
  • Did you upload your final Proposal Document? (note that only the most recently uploaded document will be reviewed)

Home Tab

  • Is the Author (you) assigned the correct role?

Final Submission Step

  • Are you sure you are ready? Changes cannot be made after you click Submit Presentation
  • You’re ready? Great! On the Home tab, click Submit Presentation
  • Check your email for confirmation of your submission.



















Submit your proposals

After reading instructions, found in the drop down menu above the gray bar, click the link below to submit your entry for the 2020 Annual Conference in Austin, Texas.


Submit Proposal