Whova Virtual Booth Space

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Whova Virtual Booth Space

Be present. Be visible. Be easy to find.Virtual Booth Space

Virtual booths will be available for attendee access before, during, and after the conference. 

All In-Person Exhibitors Will Receive a Complimentary Virtual Booth Space

Virtual Booth Space Only: $1,495 (Includes 1 comp virtual registration to attend the virtual conference.)


Virtual Exhibitor Checklist—How to Set-up Your Virtual Booth on the Platform:

  • Logo
  • Contact Info—Web URL, Email, Phone, HQ City & State
  • Organization and/or Product Description
  • Product Flyers & Media Reprints (PDFs)
  • Product Photos
  • Product Video—A short video for attendees to the platform’s built-in software or ZOOM—and invite attendees to participant the event, e.g., demonstrate software or talk to the company’s senior officers about industry trends.
  • Host a drawing in your in-person booth and market it through your virtual booth.
  • Announce a discount off your products and services.


How to Use the Virtual Platform to Market Your Organization:

  • When the conference platform opens, search the attendee profiles to seek out those who meet your prospect profile. Reach out through the platform to every matching attendee to welcome them to invite them to visit your in-person/virtual booth. Some attendees will be virtual, and some will attend the in-person event.
  • Arrange 1:1 meet-ups with individual attendees or communicate through your own private chat box in the virtual booth.
  • Track visitors: Add a unique link from your virtual booth to your organization’s website.
  • Ask attendees to “like” your virtual booth. “Likes” will tell you the name of the attendee who liked you.
  • Pose intriguing questions or leave comments in the Community Board.
  • Post articles in the Article Sharing area of the Community Board.
  • Gather leads by hosting a content or raffle or by offering a discount.

Contact: Susan K. Rogers, CAE, SIOP Business Development Manager, srogers@siop.org