Placement Center

The Placement Center will open in February 2020.  Thank you to our sponsor:  Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)!

SIOP’s Placement Center, a main fixture of the SIOP Annual Conference since 1993, is a virtual job board where job seekers can enter their resumé, organizations can post jobs, and both groups can search the database for individuals/organizations that match their desired search criteria. At the conference, it is a physical area to connect job seekers to employers.

Employers and job seekers may register for the Placement Center once they have created a SIOP account. Click HERE for more details on how to register.

Current Placement Center subscribers can access the Placement Center here.

Information for Employers

If you’re wondering whether or not you or your organization should take part in the Placement Center, here are 6 reasons that might convince you to dive in:

  1. About 2 out of 3 employers found a hire/anticipated hire. Work smarter, not harder! 44% of employers hired candidates from the Placement Center interviews. Of those who had not hired a candidate, 31% anticipated one or more of these contacts to result in hiring a candidate.
  2. 94% of employers would use the center again. ...the other 6% "know a guy".
  3. A benefit to employers of the Center is access to specialized I-O talent. Finding the right specialist can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. SIOP's Placement Center is a magnet for specialized talent. Get access to candidates that specialize in your organization’s area of need!
  4. 4 out of 5 employers who use the Placement Center would recommend it to other employers. We assume the 5th doesn’t want their competitors to know how awesome it is ;)
  5. A benefit of the Center is having access to many applicants at once. With access to so many talented applicants, using the SIOP Placement Center to find your next I-O hire is a no-brainer...unless you like doing things the hard way.
  6. Variety! Are you interested in academic or applied jobs?The Placement Center is an opportunity for both academic and applied job seekers and employers to look for jobs and advertise open positions.

Creating a Placement Center Account

You must have your SIOP account username and password, and be registered for the Annual Conference, to access Placement.

For either conference registration or Placement Center account creation, please visit the conference registration page.

To add Placement Center to an existing conference registration, simply go back to your registration and you will see the option to add.

For more information, contact SIOP’s Placement Center at or visit the 2020 Conference Placement Center main page and FAQ section.

If you have any problems with the site or process, please contact the SIOP Office - (419) 353-0032 or Larry Nader lnader@siop.