Placement Center FAQ for Seekers and Organizations


What is the Placement Center?

The on-site Placement Center, which is sponsored this year by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM),  has been a fixture of the SIOP Annual Conference since 1993. Here are the main components:

    • Web site - The web site is organized into a section for "Job Seekers" and another for "Employers". Registering is quick and easy. 
    • On-Site Computer Room - This room is restricted to registered employers and job-seekers only Computers and printers are set-up to conduct last-minute searches or to add newly created jobs. The PCs use a Windows-based operating system with open USB drives. They are hooked up to laser printers and have Internet access. The workstations are set-up as standing kiosks and do not have chairs.
    • Interview Area -  Room of tables and chairs for employers to use to conduct interviews. There is a waiting area for candidates. Pitchers of iced water are available.
    • Help Desk -  The Help Desk is staffed by student volunteers and/or Placement Committee members. The Help Desk can answer questions regarding the Placement Center or its web site.

What is the function of Placement Center?

Online, the Placement Center is a virtual job board where job seekers can submit their resumé, employers can post jobs, and both groups can search the database for individuals/organizations that match their desired search criteria. At the conference, it is a physical area to connect job seekers to employers.

Are there fees associated with the Placement Center?

There are fees for both job seekers and employers for use of the Placement Center service. These fees cover the administrative costs associated with the service as well as the facility rental fee at the conference. Click here for the fee schedule. Participation in the Placement Center and thus the fee to participate is optional. It is in addition to and separate from conference registration fees, workshop fees and membership dues.

When does the online Placement Center open?

Because the system typically receives upgrades in the off-season, the open date somewhat varies by year. Generally, individuals will be granted access to the system to post jobs, resumés, and do searches about 45 days before the annual conference.

How does the Placement Center work at the Conference?

At the conference, the emphasis is primarily on the organizations looking to conduct interviews. Employers who are seeking to fill positions will send an email and/or contact the individual by phone. Seekers are encouraged to stand “at the ready” to ensure they do not miss an important communication from an employer, having email and phone access handy at all times.

Keep in mind that resumé screening by employers may result in a short list of candidates that they can interview onsite. One way for employers to narrow this list down to a more manageable number is based on who has shown an active interest in them so be sure to reach out to the contacts listed on the job postings in which you have interest.

What does Placement Center look like?

Size will vary from year to year and the location will be determined in conjunction with the hotel or convention center. In general, it will be divided into two areas: one with tables and chairs for interviewing, the other with computers and printers. 

What can we do with the computers in the Placement Center?

The Placement Center computers are restricted to activities pertaining to the activities of Placement Center. Job candidates can conduct searches, print position descriptions, upload resumés for last minute revisions, look at employer web sites, etc. Employers can post or revise job descriptions, print resumes, and conduct searches. There is a 20-minute limit to using the computers when lines exist, and printing is limited to 10 items per use. Help Desk staff will be able to assist you if needed – don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Have a question? Please contact for general assistance or for technical assistance with the web site.