SIOP Opportunity Toolkit

If you’re looking for tools to help secure financial  or other support for your attendance at the 2020 SIOP Annual Conference, you’ve come to the right place!

The SIOP Conference is a multi-dimensional event, offering a wide variety of benefits, including direct benefits for your employer. The breadth and number of offerings allow you to create your own customized conference that suits your individual needs. 

Likewise, the SIOP Opportunity Toolkit is organized as several individual information modules, that you can combine to reflect your attendance plans and support needs. But first, read the brief overview of the conference and suggestions for preparing your request.

Once you've read this material, scroll down and click the icons to start building your argument with customizable text. The customization points are in bolded red text.

SIOP Conference Overview

Peer reviewed presentations by members and their associates are the core of the conference and are offered Thursday through Saturday, April 23-25. 

But that is just the beginning. Conference registrants can also take advantage of several additional fee opportunities for in-depth learning on specific topics at the Friday Seminars on April 24 and the Preconference Workshops on Wednesday, April 22.  

Programming on April 22 also includes consortia for masters and doctoral students, junior faculty, and early career practitioners. The consortia are added fee events. The student consortia also require a faculty nomination and the Early Career Practitioner Consortium requires an application.

The Advanced Professional Development Seminar is for experienced assessment psychologists. This full day seminar is also offered on April 22 and requires an extra fee.

The SIOP conference also features a two-day exhibit hall, with nearly 50 vendors, on Thursday and Friday, April 23 & 24. This is a great place to learn about new I-O products and services that can help your organization fill strategic and operational needs. 
This is just an outline of the conference schedule which includes more than 1000 presentations, plus receptions, plenaries, and special events. For more information, see the searchable program.

Preparing Your Support Request

Whether you are making your case for support verbally, in an email, or a more formal memo, you’ll want to accomplish a few key tasks. Use the toolkit information modules appropriate for your request to help formulate these three arguments.

1.    The SIOP conference is strategic for your organization. Select 3-5 issues you and your organization are facing, then match them with sessions from the core program and the additional professional development sessions that will help address them. Discuss the potential tools and tips you could bring back to move a business strategy forward or alleviate challenges. Be sure to review the conference exhibitors list when you’re addressing this topic.
2.    Attendance can help build your expertise and network. Highlight educational opportunities and research presentations that can advance your research agenda or build your competence in specific practice areas.
3.    Conference attendance provides a high return on investment. Not only is attending the SIOP Conference a cost-effective professional development strategy, but it also lessens the environmental impact of travel. Support this argument with a concise, comprehensive rundown of attendance costs, based on your specific professional development agenda. 

Close out your request with an offer to share what you have learned. Immediately after the conference, write a short summary of what you learned, who you met at the conference, and how you will use the information you received and the contacts you made to improve your work. Offer to deliver a short presentation or conduct a quick question-and-answer session about your learnings. 

Information Modules


The SIOP Organization 

Introduce your decision maker to SIOP.

Benefits of Membership

benefits of membership

These are just a few....

SIOP Poster Session

The SIOP conference

the premiere annual event for I-O psychologists

Workshop image

Preconference workshops

In-depth learning opportunities on April 22

Consortium group

SIOP Consortia

networking and professional development for different career stages on April 22

Seminar image

Advanced professional development program

A full day of professional development on April 22

seminar image

Friday Seminars

Expert-led 3-hour sessions on April 24


exhibit hall

I-O psychology vendors and SIOP Committees

Conference Registration

attendance costs

It pays to register early!

The SIOP Organization

With more than 10,000 international members, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is the world’s largest professional organization for industrial and organizational psychologists. SIOP is unique in its embrace of both science and practice, and its mission is to enhance human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of industrial-organizational psychology.

The Society provides a platform for scientists, academics, consultants, and practitioners to collaborate, implement, and evaluate cutting-edge solutions to workplace challenges. SIOP is Division 14 of the American Psychological Association and an organizational affiliate of the Association for Psychological Science. SIOP members have testified before Congress, written federal legislation, and have served as consultants and experts for numerous companies from small private firms to large multinational corporations. 

Download a copy of the SIOP Informational Brochure

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Benefits of Membership

SIOP membership provides a host of benefits including information, advocacy, networking, and visibility.
Not only will membership help me with professional development and networking, but it will also make me a stronger contributor at work and can help raise visibility for <name of your employer organization> as well. SIOP’s annual membership dues the lowest of its peer organizations, a great value made possible by SIOP’s non-profit status and in line with its educational mission.  

Becoming a member of SIOP will allow me to apply for several grants, awards, and scholarships that are only available to members, and to receive significant discounts on rates for SIOP conferences. 

There are several regular scholarly and informational publications included in membership. I can also buy books in the SIOP Organizational Frontiers book series at a discount and can access select research databases for a nominal fee.

Networking and visibility opportunities include service on SIOP committees, knowledge sharing through conferences, webinars, white papers, articles and other publications. I will also have access to the member directory and can elect to be part of special interest registries, the consultant locator, and the media resource database. 

Download a copy of the SIOP Membership Brochure


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The SIOP Conference

The 35th Annual SIOP Conference will be held April 23-25, 2020 in Austin, Texas, and more than 5,200 people are expected to attend. This is the premiere I-O psychology conference, drawing an international mix of the very best academic researchers in the organizational sciences with leading practitioners from industry, government, and consulting firms.

Education is part of SIOP’s mission, so the organization keeps attendance fees at the annual conference in check. The SIOP Conference presents the latest information on both science and practice topics. Given the low cost of attendance, the extensive SIOP conference program provides an exceptional return on the professional development investment. I can get all the information I need, directly from the experts, in one place at one time. Not only is this cost effective, but it also lessens the environmental impact of travel. 

The SIOP conference includes tracks on Reproducible Research, Methods Mania, Multi-Disciplinary Research, Strategic HR and LGBT topics. In addition to more than 1,000 peer reviewed sessions, the conference organizers have created feature sessions on Diversity and Inclusion and other important, timely topics.

Using the searchable conference program and mobile event app (Whova), I can easily create an individualized conference agenda and pursue networking opportunities to create productive, lasting professional connections with attendees in a range of academic and practice roles.

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Preconference Workshops

The SIOP Preconference Workshops bring together industry leaders and experts to provide great professional development value in flexible half-day modules on Wednesday, April 22. Ten different workshops, each offered in the morning and the afternoon and presented in small group settings, impart cutting edge knowledge and practices at category-leading savings.

Attendance will help me apply research-based best practices in our organization. Specifically, I could improve my day-to-day work by attending these sessions: Insert workshop titles from workshops page here. Through these workshops, I would learn about insert information from workshops page here.

Not only will I gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities imparted in these sessions, but I will have access to the presentation decks from all this year's workshops, providing information about many other important topics in our field. Additionally, the limited number of attendees will allow me to network with peers and the thought leaders who are presenting information, both during the workshops and at the included coffee breaks and reception.

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The SIOP Consortia are full day events, including lunch and receptions, on Wednesday, April 22. Exclusively available to SIOP Conference registrants, the consortia are designed to deliver timely, practical information and networking opportunities to people at important stages of their I-O psychology careers.

Closing information for employees seeking support

Attending the insert program name from the list below consortium will provide a uniquely enriching professional development experience that will help me meet the challenges of the profession and better serve name of your employer organization.

Add details of your chosen consortium from below


Closing information for students seeking support

Attending the insert program name from the list below consortium will provide a uniquely enriching experience that will help me create a successful career in industrial and organizational psychology and become a favorable reflection of name of your school and program.

Add details of your chosen consortium from below


Consortia Details

Early Career Practitioner Consortium (ECPC)

SIOP’s Early Career Practitioner Consortium is for individuals within 5 years of receiving their PhD or terminal MA. Attending will give me mentoring from seasoned I-O professionals, networking with my peers, and an opportunity to take the Hogan Personality Inventory, among other benefits. These powerful development experiences will help me be a strong performer, contributing to the success of name of your employer organization. Participation in this consortium is subject to approval of my application. I will provide details as they are available.

Find more information about this consortium here

Junior Faculty Consortium

Intended for current and future junior faculty in departments of psychology and management, the Junior Faculty Consortium will cover topics including navigating the promotion/tenure process and establishing and maintaining my research agenda. It will also allow me opportunities to form lasting professional relationships with peers across programs and universities! All these program features will help me grow and thrive as a member of name of your employer organization.

Find more information about this consortium here

Master’s Consortium: Today Master’s Student, Tomorrow I-O Practitioner

Specifically designed for second year master’s students, this consortium is open to all master’s students. An impressive lineup of speakers will offer their unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by I-O practitioners today and will focus on key developmental experiences I’ll need to prepare for a successful career. A nomination from our program chair is required for me to attend and I will provide details as soon as possible.

Find more information about this consortium here

The Lee Hakel Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium offers separate program tracks for applied and academic focus. Topics include surviving the dissertation, navigating the job process, and learning from successful early career academics and practitioners. I will need a nomination from our program chair in order to attend and will provide details as soon as possible.

Find more information about this consortium here.

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Advanced Professional Development Program

This day-long event on Wednesday, April 22 will help strengthen my assessment skills and techniques, learning from and networking with other highly experienced colleagues. Benefits of attendance include: deepening of Individual Leadership Assessment skills and expertise, including skills in collecting, interpreting, and integrating assessment data; leveraging results for providing feedback and converting to developmental actions; and increasing awareness of best practices in leadership assessment.Sharpening these core skills will help me strengthen the talent development pipeline for name of your employer organization. Find more information about this event here and about other conference events for practitioners here. (Members must be logged in to view.)

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Friday Seminars

Friday Seminars at the SIOP Annual Conference are expert-led 3-hour sessions that bring important technical and workforce topics into sharp focus. The 2020 seminars are offered on April 24 and topics run the gamut from Python programming to pay equity analyses and managing external workers. Attendance at insert seminar titles from Friday Seminars page will help my stay on top of developments and apply best practices to my work. Specifically, I will learn about insert information from Seminar description The Friday Seminars are small group sessions, limited to 50 attendees, so it makes sense to book this as soon as possible. Friday Seminar sessions frequently offer CE credit and I will provide additional details on this as soon as possible.

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Exhibit Hall

With nearly 50 exhibitors, the SIOP Conference Exhibit Hall provides the perfect opportunity for learning about the latest HR and I-O psychology tools and services. Leading providers of assessments, talent development, talent strategy, employee engagement, research, analytic tools, management consulting, and education are among the exhibitors. In particular, insert vendor names from this page  can provide solutions to make our work on insert your business challenge successful. I will be able to have in-depth conversations with all the key vendors in this area and can report on the most attractive options on my return to the office.

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Cost of Attendance, Value of Early Registration

Like most professional conferences, the rates for SIOP are lowest when registration opens and go up as the event date approaches. But the actual cost and value provided are key differences. SIOP registration provides access to over a thousand presentations, plus plenary sessions, receptions, coffee breaks and the exhibit hall, all for less than Choose "$100 a day as a SIOP member" OR "$200 a day" if I register during the early rate discount period, ending February 20, 2020. I will also get the best selection and rates on hotel accommodation and travel if I book in advance.

Use this table to create an estimate of your total conference attendance cost. Find all the SIOP rates here.





Conference Registration



Preconference Workshops



Friday Seminars









Daily Expenses










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