SIOP Opportunity Toolkit

If you’re looking for tools to help secure financial  or other support for your attendance at the 2020 SIOP Virtual Conference, you’ve come to the right place!

The SIOP Conference is a multi-dimensional event, offering a wide variety of benefits, including direct benefits for your employer. The breadth and number of offerings allow you to create your own customized conference that suits your individual needs. 

Likewise, the SIOP Opportunity Toolkit is organized as several individual information modules, that you can combine to reflect your attendance plans and support needs. But first, read the brief overview of the conference and suggestions for preparing your request.

Once you've read this material, scroll down and click the icons to start building your argument with customizable text. The customization points are in bolded red text.

SIOP Conference Overview

Peer reviewed presentations by members and their associates are the core of the conference and are offered asynchronously during the virtual conference june 16-30.  There are more than 450 presentations planned and 1800 participants already registered for this historic event.

Preparing your support request

Whether you are making your case for support verbally, in an email, or a more formal memo, you’ll want to accomplish a few key tasks. use the toolkit information modules appropriate for your request to help formulate these three arguments.

1.    The SIOP conference is strategic for your organization. Select 3-5 issues you and your organization are facing, then match them with sessions from the core program and the additional professional development sessions that will help address them. Discuss the potential tools and tips you could bring back to move a business strategy forward or alleviate challenges. Be sure to review the conference exhibitors list when you’re addressing this topic.
2.    Attendance can help build your expertise and network. Highlight educational opportunities and research presentations that can advance your research agenda or build your competence in specific practice areas.
3.    Conference attendance provides a high return on investment. Attending the SIOP virtual conference is a cost-effective professional development strategy. Support this argument with a concise, comparison of attendance costs and learnings available, based on your specific professional development agenda. 

Close out your request with an offer to share what you have learned. immediately after the conference, write a short summary of what you learned, who you met through the interactive conference features, and how you will use the information you received and the contacts you made to improve your work. Offer to deliver a short presentation or conduct a quick question-and-answer session about your learnings. 

Information Modules



the siop organization 

introduce your decision maker to siop.

Benefits of Membership

benefits of membership

These are just a few....

SIOP Poster Session

the siop conference

the premiere annual event for i-o psychologists


virtual exhibit hall

i-o psychology vendors and siop committees

Conference Registration

attendance costs

great professional development value


The SIOP Organization

With more than 10,000 international members, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is the world’s largest professional organization for industrial and organizational psychologists. SIOP is unique in its embrace of both science and practice, and its mission is to enhance human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of industrial-organizational psychology.

The Society provides a platform for scientists, academics, consultants, and practitioners to collaborate, implement, and evaluate cutting-edge solutions to workplace challenges. SIOP is Division 14 of the American Psychological Association and an organizational affiliate of the Association for Psychological Science. SIOP members have testified before Congress, written federal legislation, and have served as consultants and experts for numerous companies from small private firms to large multinational corporations. 

Download a copy of the SIOP Informational Brochure

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Benefits of Membership

SIOP membership provides a host of benefits including information, advocacy, networking, and visibility. Not only will membership help me with professional development and networking, but it will also make me a stronger contributor at work and can help raise visibility for as well. SIOP’s annual membership dues the lowest of its peer organizations, a great value made possible by SIOP’s non-profit status and in line with its educational mission.  

Becoming a member of SIOP will allow me to apply for several grants, awards, and scholarships that are only available to members, and to receive significant discounts on rates for SIOP conferences. 

There are several regular scholarly and informational publications included in membership. I can also buy books in the SIOP Organizational Frontiers book series at a discount and can access select research databases for a nominal fee.

Networking and visibility opportunities include service on SIOP committees, knowledge sharing through conferences, webinars, white papers, articles and other publications. I will also have access to the member directory and can elect to be part of special interest registries, the consultant locator, and the media resource database. 

Download a copy of the SIOP Membership Brochure


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The SIOP Conference

The 35th Annual SIOP Conference will be held virtually , June 16-30 with more than 450 presentations delivered on-demand and many opportunities to connect and network through SIOP's event management platform, Whova. This is the premiere I-O psychology conference, drawing an international mix of the very best academic researchers in the organizational sciences with leading practitioners from industry, government, and consulting firms.

Education is part of SIOP’s mission, so the organization keeps attendance fees at the annual conference in check. The SIOP Conference presents the latest information on both science and practice topics. Given the low cost of attendance, the extensive SIOP conference program provides an exceptional return on the professional development investment. I can get all the information I need, directly from the experts, in one place on my own schedule. 

Using the searchable conference program and Whova, I can easily create an individualized conference agenda and pursue networking opportunities to create productive, lasting professional connections with attendees in a range of academic and practice roles.

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Virtual Exhibit Hall

The SIOP Virtual Conference Exhibit Hall provides the opportunity for me to learn about the latest HR and I-O psychology tools and services from leading service and information providers.  In particular, <insert vendor names from this page>  can provide solutions to make our work on <insert your business challenge> successful. I will report on the what I have learned afterward.

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Cost of Attendance

Like the in-person SIOP Conference, SIOP 2020 Virtual offers a great return on your professional development investment, which I know is very important right now. One low fee of <insert fee from table below> unlocks fourteen days of access to the latest and best thinking in I-O psychology on a whole range of topics that are vitally important to our organization. In addition to more than 450 sessions, I will be able to engage with my colleagues and thought leaders on these topics in a virtual space dedicated to supporting the exchange of ideas and information so important to helping us thrive in these turbulent times. All of this comes with no additional costs for travel, materials, or accommodations.

 SIOP 2020 Virtual Registration Rates:

$185 for SIOP Student Affiliates $0 for airfare
$295 for SIOP professional members $0 for hotel accommodations
$525 for nonmembers  $0 for ground transportation


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