2020 Conference Consortia

SIOP continues to create opportunities for networking and professional development at all career levels of our membership base. We offer programming relevant to students, junior faculty, and early-career practitioners. On Wednesday April 22, 2020, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the SIOP Consortia Committee will host four (4) partially integrated consortia tracks that will help meet the educational and developmental goals of all in attendance. A primary goal of the Consortia is to provide a networking opportunity to graduate students, junior faculty, and early-career practitioners embarking on their career paths. Thus, the three-decade tradition continues of hosting consortia to graduate students (Master’s Consortium and Doctoral Consortium), faculty (Junior-Faculty Consortium), and our most recent addition, the Early-Career-Practitioner Consortium

This four-part program provides a well-rounded, comprehensive career- and professional-development experience for the entire I/O pipeline. Consortia participants gain the benefit of information exchange and networking with others within the same career track AND similar stage of career. This year we will have a reception for registrants; please join us! Below are some highlights of this year’s planned events.  


Calling all Master’s Students! Attend SIOP’s Master’s Consortium! 

If you are a current student in a Master’s-degree program, are planning to attend SIOP 2020, and want to learn more about career options or prepare yourself for the job market, make sure to add the Master’s Consortium to your conference agenda! The Master’s Consortium is a developmental and networking event that includes a diverse set of I/O professionals who offer unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by I/O practitioners today. Speakers will focus on key developmental experiences that can lay the groundwork for a successful career in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a Master’s degree, including topics like nailing your interview, first-job best practices, creating your professional brand, and career lessons from the trenches. 

The day is highly participative and includes formal presentations by I/O practitioners, a Q&A-style panel with our speakers, informal networking opportunities with students from Master’s programs across the country, and behavioral-interviewing practice. Our impressive list of 2020 speakers include: 

  • Emily Crowe, M.A.: Consultant & Erika Reckert, M.A.: Director, Assessment Practice at BTS 
  • Rachel Kennell, M.S. & Michaela Fisher, M.S.: Business Services Consultants at InVista Talent 
  • Christopher Rosett, M.A.: Senior Director at Comcast Cable 
  • Kathy Stewart, M.A.: Supervisory Personnel Research Psychologist at U.S. Customs and Border Protection  

Each program can nominate up to two student representatives. Space is limited, so register now! If you are interested, be sure to let your program chair know and/or indicate your interest via this form [] provided when registering for SIOP! 

Calling all Doctoral Students! Attend the Lee Hakel Doctoral Consortium! 

The Doctoral Consortium is a developmental and networking event that includes a diverse set of I/O professionals who offer unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by both I/O practitioners and academics today. The Doctoral Consortium offers two tracks: applied and academic. Topics include surviving the dissertation, navigating the job process, and learning from successful early-career academics and practitioners.  

New this year, we are also inviting participants to submit a research idea (max 2 pages) and receive personal feedback from an editor at one of our leading journals (e.g., AMJ, JAP, JOM, PPsych, JOB, ORM, JBP, etc.). This idea should not be your dissertation, but looking ahead to your research pipeline post dissertation. Submitting a research idea is optional; the deadline to submit will be mid-March and more details will be sent to registered participants.  

Each program can nominate up to two student representatives. Students must have passed comprehensive exams to be eligible to attend. Space is limited, so register now! If you are interested, be sure to let your program chair know and/or indicate your interest via this form [] provided when registering for SIOP! 

Calling all Junior Faculty! Attend SIOP’s Junior-Faculty Consortium! 

The Junior-Faculty Consortium invites current and future junior faculty in departments of psychology and management to participate in a full day of career-focused activities and sessions. The program features opportunities for networking with junior faculty members from a diverse array of institutions as well as senior-faculty presenters that will share their respective research paths and stories about how they navigated their academic career.   

The 2020 Junior-Faculty Consortium will focus on the art of successful teaching, making the switch to being a mentor, and surviving and thriving through the tenure-and-promotion process. These sessions will include previous winners of the SIOP Distinguished-Teaching-Contributions Award, faculty who have recently gone through the tenure-and-promotion process, and faculty who have successful mentoring relationships.   

The day will also include the following sessions: 

  • How to find data and build coauthor relationships that benefit applied and academic partnerships 
  • How to negotiate your job package and use startup funds 
  • Tips for finding and obtaining grants 
  • Special table discussions with Journal Editors to discuss pre-submitted research idea as well as a Question & Answer Session  

Because the success of the Junior Faculty Consortium comes from interactive sessions with invited speakers, attendees should prepare questions prior to attending. Many attendees choose to attend the consortium multiple times to capitalize on new programming and information presented in subsequent years. If you are a PhD student who has successfully proposed their dissertation, is seeking an academic position for the Fall 2020 term,  or who has accepted an academic position offer for Fall 2020 is eligible to participate. Space is limited; registration for this consortium is available when registering for the SIOP conference, so register early. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Calling Early-Career Practitioners! Attend SIOP’s Early-Career-Practitioner Consortium! 

Are you interested in how to set yourself up for career success? Need to figure out the connection between graduate-school courses and workplace realities?  Wondering how to leverage your current role into a larger career? Do you want to connect and get mentoring from successful I-O practitioners? 

Early-career practitioners often find themselves navigating challenging realities of the working world not covered in many graduate programs. It’s common to be uncertain about your career early on. The Early-Career-Practitioner Consortium (ECPC) will share insights for identifying and leveraging your strengths or areas of development in your current work and connect you with accomplished I-O practitioners who can share their wisdom and guidance to propel your career forward.  

Who Can Attend? 

This one-day career development experience is for I-O practitioners pursuing non-academic careers, with no more than 5 years of work experience after their M.A. or PhD (graduation 2015-2020).   

What’s the Experience Like? 

●  Keynote presentation on creating a career plan that places your well-being at the center 

●  Complete leading personality and skill-based assessments 

●  Receive guidance on common challenges faced early in one’s career 

●  Interact with seasoned I-O practitioners in mentoring and peer-coaching conversations 

●  Explore career trajectories through networking, peer coaching, and completing your career-development plan 

The ECPC is here to start an ongoing conversation among I-O practitioners through SIOP.  Space is limited; registration for this consortium is available when registering for the SIOP conference, so register early. Once you register, you will be asked to submit the following application. Fill it out now, and we will connect with you about registration. [


Consortia occur the day before the SIOP conference, so plan now!  

Participants must register prior to the conference and a fee is associated with each Consortium. Application to the Master’s Consortium and the Doctoral Consortium is through nomination process; contact your Program Director and/or indicate your interest via a form provided when registering for SIOP. Registration for The Junior-Faculty Consortium and Early-Career-Practitioner Consortium can be completed when registering for the conference.  

Seating is limited across all consortia programs; you should register early!  For more information about these programs, please contact the specific Consortia Committee members listed below. 

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs: Emily Hunter at or Kate Keeler at 

Master’s Consortium Co-Chairs: Kelsey Stephens at or Matisha Montgomery at 

Junior-Faculty Consortium Co-Chairs: Alexander Jackson at or Megan Nolan at 

Early-Career-Practitioner Consortium Co-Chairs: Maya Garza at or Rob Stewart at