How To Conference

Technology for the All-Virtual Format


Whova is SIOP’s primary conference platform and is the access point for all conference content – educational programming and networking opportunities (receptions, socials). Whova can be accessed via web browser or the app, which is free to event attendees. You will need to sign into Whova to access any and all Conference Week offerings. You must sign into Whova with the email address you used for SIOP conference registration (other email addresses will not provide access).

Please keep in mind that Whova includes a Community Board that opens on Wednesday, April 14 and can enhance the ease of networking by allowing you to initiate and/or join meetups, and engage in live or asynchronous discussion throughout the conference, closing on May 7.

Click here for Whova’s event app written and video tutorial.

Zoom and Virtual Chair

Two other technologies will be supported by SIOP during Conference Week and accessed via Whova: Zoom and Virtual Chair. See below for brief overviews. It is encouraged to explore these resources, but please know that detailed information and video guides will be available by April 1 so that you may make the most of the conference.

Additionally, a help desk available during the conference week for anyone who has difficulty with these technologies.  

  • Zoom’s platform allows a “frictionless environment” using video, voice, content sharing, and chat. Most everyone is likely familiar with Zoom, however, there are robust training materials available here.
  • Virtual Chair allows participants to navigate the space autonomously and interact using audio and/or video with individuals or groups of their choosing (click here for a self-guided tour). Virtual Chair will support SIOP in preparing and running the all-virtual interactive posters and receptions. Additionally, a help desk will be available during the conference week for anyone who has difficulty with these technologies.