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What People Are Saying About the Conference

"SIOP's annual conference is a fantastic way of staying in touch with what's happening in the field, connecting with old friends and colleagues, and meeting new ones.  I make attending and actively participating in sessions a top priority for myself and my team every single year."
    - Allan Church, VP Organization Development and Executive Assessment and Development, PepsiCo

"My colleagues and HumRRO and I are looking forward to attending SIOP this year. This opportunity to share time in person with old and new I-O friends is invaluable for staying connected with the field and the many exciting things taking place in practice, research, and SIOP outreach. I hope to see you there!"
    - Deirdre Knapp, Vice President and Director, HumRRO

"Every year I find the SIOP conference allows me the opportunity to refresh my knowledge and get a sense of what the latest research in our field has to offer, get to better understand what other companies are doing in areas that are important to my own areas of responsibility, and network with friends, past colleagues, peers, and mentors. Every year I find that I leave SIOP with a sense of pride in what we do as IO Psychologists and with energy for the work I am doing for my own company. I really count on the conference to provide me with my annual professional rejuvenation."
    - Rich Cober, Vice President, Sales and Revenue Management HR, Marriott International

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