2022 SIOP Annual Conference

Submitting Your Session

The SIOP submission deadline is firm. The submission site will close at 5:00pm Eastern Daylight Time on October 13, 2021. Traffic on the site is extremely heavy as the deadline approaches, and submitters should plan to complete their submissions well in advance of the deadline. No exceptions to the deadline will be made for any reason.  The SIOP submission process is entirely online. Only submissions received through the online process will be accepted for review. 

Please click here for a step-by-step guide to submitting your session.  


When submitting your session, you will be asked to check a box confirming the following information:

  •   I affirm that my proposed submission meets all applicable criteria in the Call for Proposals
  •   I affirm that the Speakers in this submission are Speakers in no more than three proposals, including this one (RULE OF THREE)
  •   I affirm that if this submission is for any session type other than a poster, at least one SIOP Member, Associate, Fellow or Retired member must be a Speaker (LIVE SUPERVISION RULE).
  •   I affirm that if this submission is for any session type other than a poster or master tutorial, it must contain Speakers from at least two different affiliations (DIVERSITY OF AFFILIATION RULE).
  •   I affirm that all Speakers understand that they must pay the registration fee to present at the conference (whether In-Person Live or Virtual Live).
  •   I affirm that the participants in the proposed session have the legal right to distribute all information included in this submission
  •   I affirm that there will be no substitutions of Speakers or papers within my session after submission.
  •   I affirm that if this submission is for a Virtual Live presentation, at least one Speaker meets the Virtual Presentation Qualifications.

Checklist: Before You Begin the Online Submission Process


  I have my SIOP username and password (contact siop.org if you need help).

  I am an active member of SIOP (my current year dues are paid).

  I have contacted all presenters in my session to confirm their availability and eligibility to present in the mode I’ve selected (i.e., in-person or virtually).

  All non SIOP members participating in my submission have created an account at siop.org (Note: creating an account is not synonymous with becoming a SIOP member).

  I have written and verified with all coauthors my session’s APA-style citation according to these guidelines.

  The proposal document for my submission has been prepared according to the instructions in the Preparing and Formatting Your Proposal Document section.

  I have access to the submission site walkthrough to help with any questions I may have during the submission process.

  I have set aside 20-60 minutes for completing the online submission process (assume 60 mins as submission deadline approaches due to heavy site traffic).

Checklist: Before You Click 'Submit'



  Have all presenters/contributors (including all paper authors) been added as Co-Authors? 

  Have all Co-Authors been assigned a role (i.e., Speaker or Non-Speaking Contributor)? 

  Do all Co-Authors have the correct affiliation listed? If not, they need to update this information in their SIOP profile ASAP after submission.


  Did you complete and save all required information on this tab? 

  Did you include the APA-style citation for your session?

  Did you upload your final proposal as a SINGLE Word DOC or DOCX? (note: only the most recently uploaded document will be reviewed; do not submit multiple files).


  Did you assign yourself the correct role (i.e., Speaker or Non-Speaking Contributor)? 

Final Submission Step

  Are you sure you are ready? Changes cannot be made after you click Submit Presentation.

  You’re ready? Great! Click the Submit Proposal button below, or on the Call for Proposals page.

Submit Your Proposal: