2022 SIOP Annual Conference

Inclusive Conference Practices

SIOP is striving for a more inclusive annual conference by providing the following offerings:



SIOP Family Care Grant

The SIOP Family Care Grant will provide $500 awards for up to 20 members who require caregiving support to facilitate their attendance in Seattle.
Additional details provided here:




We recognize that this year’s conference takes place during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. If you are attending the conference in-person and would like access to our onsite resources for those observing this holiday (e.g., provision of Suhoor boxes, dedicated prayer room, etc.), please opt-in when registering for the conference and we will follow up with you directly to discuss the options.




SIOP strives to provide food and beverages that align with the preferences of our attendees. We cannot guarantee that every conference-related event you attend will meet your specific needs, but please indicate your dietary restrictions when prompted during the registration process to aid in our planning.




SIOP invites registrants to opt-in when registering for the conference and we will follow up with you directly to discuss accommodations for the in-person and/or virtual formats.

All presenters are strongly encouraged to adhere to the Presenter ToolKit that provides recommendations for preparing a successful and inclusive contribution to the conference. In addition, wherever possible, captioning will be provided.


The Washington State Convention Center (soon-to-be renamed the Seattle Convention Center) Accessibility Guide is available here:



The Sheraton Grand Seattle Accessibility Guide is available here:

Sheraton Grand Seattle Accessible Guest Room Information



On-Site Physical Spaces

The following physical spaces will be available to registrants who travel to Seattle:

  •   Reflection/Recharge Room (Sheraton and WSCC)
  •   Ramadan Meal Room (Sheraton)
  •   Quiet Meditation and Prayer Room (Sheraton and WSCC)
  •   Lactation Room (Sheraton and WSCC)




All individuals engaging in the SIOP community, including the SIOP Annual Conference, must abide by and are subject to SIOP’s Anti-Harassment Policy. If harassment is experienced in the context of SIOP activities or programs, the Anti-Harassment Policy provides recourse for the impacted individual(s), including the availability of two SIOP Ombudspersons for confidential counseling on options made available through the policy.


To help ensure we are creating an inclusive environment, please reach out to conferenceinclusion@siop.org if you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after the SIOP Conference.