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Practice Network Special Edition

Directory of I-O Groups

Thomas G. Baker

Feast your eyes on the following 41 I-O, PTC and related groups, consortia, interest associations, Saturday evening bridge clubs and et cetera! Send any missing groups or corrections/updates to Tom Baker at 614-475-7240.

ABSORB (Applied Behavioral Sciences Organization woRk Behavior)

A group being reestablished in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Rebirth is planned; quarterly meetings expected. Marv Dunnette or Rob Schneider at 612-331-3680. Fax 612-623-7614.

ASAP (Atlanta Society of I/O Psychology)

Bi-monthly meetings, periodic workshops and a newsletter. E-mail listserv. About 80 members. Chuck Lance at 706-542-3053. Fax 706-542-3275. E-mail clance@uga.cc.uga.edu.

ASTD (American Society of Training and Development)

The major, national training association. Many local chapters. ASTD at 703-683-8100.

CAPA (Connecticut Applied Psychology Association)

Periodic meetings through the academic year in the Hartford area. Newsletter. Todd Silverhart at 860-298-3903. Fax 860-298-3904. E-mail tsilverh@limra.com.

Central Florida I/O Interest Group

An informal IO interest group with infrequent dinner meetings rotating between Tampa Bay and Orlando. About 75 members. Ed Levine at 813-9740459. Fax 813-974-4617.

CIOP (Chicago I/O Psychologists, formerly GCAIOP)

Four to six half-day seminars/workshops each year and an annual dinner meeting. Newsletter. Russell Day at 847-824-4130. Fax 847-824-2702.

CODESP (Cooperative Organization for the Development of Employee Selection Procedures) A consortium of classified personnel departments in CA public school districts who meet in Orange or LA counties. Several general membership and training meetings each year. Newsletter. Share test item data bank. Over 100 members. Jan Klein at 714-847-8203. Fax 714-848-2963.

COLO-WYO I/O (Colorado-Wyoming Association of I/O Psychologists)

Meetings three to four times a year to discuss a wide range of IO topics. Nearly 125 members. Meetings occur along the Front Range, in God's country. E-mail listserv. David Robinson at 303-5819778. Fax 303-516-9040. E-mail robddr@aol.com.

Competency Consortium

Consortia providing a forum for organizations to share competency models, applications, lessons learned and benchmark best practices. Companies must qualify to become members. Mariangela Battista at 212-640-5199. Fax 212-619-9108. E-mail mariangela.battista@aexp.com

D/FW-OPG (Dallas/Fort Worth Organizational Psychology Group)

Quarterly meetings on a range of IO topics. About 65 members. Doug Johnson at 817-565-2680. Fax 817-565-4682. E-mail johnsond@terrill.unt. edu.

EAWOP (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists)

A network of networks liking together I-O groups from several European nations. Newsletter and regular conference. Please update PN if you have good contact information for EAWOP. EAWOP Secretariat at Coosemanstraat 100, 3010 Leuven, Belgium. Fax 32-16-25-7815. Try e-mail to Johannes van Veen at jmvanveen@sara.nl.

GCAIOP (Greater Chicago Association of I/O Psychologists)

Refer to CIOP.

GIOP (Gateway I/O Psychologists)

Bimonthly meetings in the St. Louis area. Newsletter. Mary Suszko at 314-233-2756. Fax 314-233-9767. E-mail msuszko@mdc.com.

HAIOP (Houston Association of I/O Psychologists)

Monthly meetings during the academic year. Continuing Education credits. Newsletter. About 80 members. Eric Brown at 713-729-7704. Fax 713-729-4019.E-mail erbst@aol.com.

HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society)

5,200 members strong, and in existence since 1957! 50 plus local chapters internationally. Annual meeting usually in October. Monthly newsletter and two periodicals. Information office at 310-394-1811.

HRPS (Human Resource Planning Society)

20-year-old national group for senior HR consultants, academics and Fortune 500 practitioners. 2,500 members. Focus is on HR planning, executive development and change management. Sponsors research. Over a dozen seminars/workshops each year and an annual conference. Quarterly journal and newsletter. 15 local chapters in US. European HR Forum has 150 members. Cyllian Fenty-Waldron at 212-490-6387. Fax 212-682-6851. E-mail hrps@aol.com.

IPMA (International Personnel Management Association)

The "SHRM" for public sector HR generalists. 50 local chapters. Diane Skoien at 703-549-7100. Fax 703-684-0948. E-mail dskoien@ipma-hr.org.

IPMA-Assessment Council

A subset of IPMA. Focuses on recruitment, selection and assessment issues primarily in the public sector. 600 members. No local chapters. Bimonthly newsletter. Annual conference. Periodic training workshops. Web presence. Marianne Ernesto at 703-549-7100. Fax 703-684-0948. E-mail mernesto@ipma-hr.org.

ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement)

A 35-year-old group of "performance technology" folks. 6,000 members. 82 local chapters in US and abroad. Conferences, workshops, journal. Web presence. These folks take training seriously. Information at 202-408-7969. Fax 202-408-7972. E-mail info@ispi.org.

MAIOP (Michigan Association of I-O Psychologists)

Three to four meetings a year in the Detroit area. About 150 members from SE Michigan and Northern Ohio. Todd Sperl at 313-885-4421. Fax 313-885-3704.

MAPAC (Mid-Atlantic Personnel Assessment Consortium, Inc.)

An association of mid-Atlantic public sector agencies interested in assessment. Three conferences a year and a newsletter. Around 20 member agencies. Bob Schneider at 717-787-5974 x3539. Fax 717-787-8950. E-mail bob3835@aol.com

Mayflower Group

Granddaddy of all consortia. Founded in 1971. Dedicated to employee opinion surveys. Limited membership with a tough qualification process. Two meetings per year. Sam Sequenzia at 402-271-6242. Fax 402-271-4313.

METRO (Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology)

Grandma of all I-O groups. Monthly meetings, newsletter, job listings. 500-600 members. Contact the Metro Line at 212-539-7593.

NESAP (New England Society for Applied Psychologists)

Informal group of monthly senior psychologists open to new blood. About two dozen members. Two meetings per year in the Newton/Boston area. Twice-yearly newsletter. Robert Berk at 617-965-9696. Fax 617-965-9692.

Northwest Conversations

An informal association of assessment professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Mighty nifty annual 2day conference in Seattle. 80-100 members. Leta Danielson at 360-753-5387. Fax 360-586-1346. E-mail letad@dop. wa.gov.

OH-IO (Ohio I-O Psychologists)

A not-yet fully born group struggling to come alive in central Ohio. Three to four evening meetings planned per year. Want to qualify to grant CE credit. Jim Austin at 614-292-0685. Fax 614-292-5601. E-mail austin.38@ osu.edu.

ODN (Organization Development Network)

3,200 members. Works closely with 36 regional ODN groups. Yearly fall national conference, special interest conference each spring. Excellent job line. Quarterly journal. Listserv and web presence. Richard Ungerer at 210-763-7337. Fax 201-763-7488. E-mail runge16469@aol.com.

Performance America

New learning network to assist in assessing and improving Government performance. Similar to the Mayflower Group in goals and objectives. Current members include federal, state and local government agencies. Quarterly meetings, initially in DC. David Dye at 202-606-3742. Fax 202-606-1399. E-mail dadye@opm.gov.

PTC/A (Personnel Testing Council of Arizona)

Quarterly workshops in the Phoenix area and a newsletter. Vicki Packman at 602-236-8731. Fax 602-236-8706. E-mail vspackma@srp.gov.

PTC/MW (Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington)

Monthly meetings, semiannual conferences and an excellent newsletter. Bev Dugan at 703-706-5681. Fax 703-549-9025. E-mail bdugan@mail. humrro.org.

PTC/NC (Personnel Testing Council of Northern California)

Monthly meetings rotating between the Bay area and Sacramento, spring conference and a newsletter. Periodic training workshops. Mike Willihnganz at 916-732-6051. Fax 916-732-6412. E-mail mwillin@smud.org.

PTC/SC (Personnel Testing Council of Southern California)

Monthly meetings, dynamite biannual conferences and a newsletter. Periodic research meetings and workshops. Between 200-300 members. Kristine Smith at 909-387-6086. Fax 909-387-5609. E-mail ksmith@ co.sanbernardino.ca.us.

PSCF (Personnel Selection Council of Florida)

Meetings combined with workshops once every 3 months in the Fort Lauderdale area. Newsletter. About 100 interested parties. Michael Chasin at 954-357-6434. Fax 954-357-5782.

PTC/South Florida: Linsay Craig (407) 3554994.

PTC/UNY (Personnel Testing Council of Upstate New York)

Informal bi-monthly luncheons rotating between Rochester and Buffalo. Nancy Abrams at 716-4254273. Fax 716-425-8098.

PSAIOP (Puget Sound Association of I-O Psychologists)

Four-year-old group with over 50 members in the Seattle area. Quarterly luncheon meetings and periodic continuing education. Peter Scontrino at 206-392-5694. Fax 206-392-7054.

SCPMA (Southern California Personnel Management Association)

Monthly meetings in LA or Orange County area. Spring conference. Training sessions throughout the year. About 400 members. Bill Osness at 714-536-5491. Fax 714-374-1571.


Call Lee Hakel and our other fine administrative folks at 419-353-0032. Fax 419-352-2645. E-mail lhakel@siop.bgsu.edu.

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

National group focusing on the needs of HR generalists. Your VP of HR belongs to this group. Scads and scads of local chapters. Web presence. 800-283-7476.

SPIM (Society of Psychologists in Management)

National group dedicated to the needs of the psychologist-manager. Annual mid-winter meeting. Informal meeting each August at APA national convention. Newsletter and an upcoming journal. About 250 members. Ann Howard at 201-894-5289. Fax 201-569-8753. E-mail 73530.2377 @compuserve.com.

TIOP (Texas I-O Psychologists)

An organization serving the needs of I-O psychologists across the state of Texas. About 65 members. Sponsors workshops twice a year in conjunction with Texas Psychological Association conferences. John Dyck at 713-739-7000. Fax 713-739-1220.

Upward Feedback Forum

Consortia dedicated to the issues relating to the development and implementation of upward/360 degree feedback processes. Qualification process to become a member company; open to large organizations with active multi-rater systems. Two meetings per year. Dave Bracken at 404-527-4730. Fax 404-523-0739. Carol Timmreck at 713-241-0299. Fax 713-241-0766. E-mail cwt@shellus.com.

WRIB (Western Regional Item Bank)

Cooperative personnel testing resource utilizing a test-item database. Periodic training sessions. 175 members nationwide. Kristine Smith at 909-387-6086. Fax 909-387-5609. E-mail ksmith@san-bernardino.ca.us.

WRIPAC (Western Regional Intergovernmental Personnel Assessment Council) A consortium of public sector agencies in CA, NV and AZ with an interest in assessment. Three meetings a year. Job analysis tool, video training tapes and monograph series. Newsletter, too. T.R. Lin at 213-743-3532. Fax 213-748-2390. E-mail trlin@aol.com.