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Hey Students and Also Everyone Else: Go to SIOP’s Annual Conference (and Here’s Why and How) For many of us, SIOP’s annual conference is the central justi- fication for our being involved in this organization—and we’ll demonstrate this point by referring to that conference as “SIOP” through the rest of this column to no ill effect. Watch: Eleni Lobene Aon Hewitt Going to SIOP is many things: exhilarating, rewarding, ex- pensive, daunting, eye opening, exhausting. Because of this combination, it is perhaps like Disney World—one has to decide whether to expend the resources to go and, once there, one may want to have a game plan regarding how to use the limited (and expensive!) time one has to maximum effect. So the second part of this article is something like the unofficial guide to SIOP for everyone from graduate students to late-career professionals, but the first part is the argument for going to SIOP in the first place. Instead of just stating our opinions, we sought input from a range of subject matter ex- perts with moderate to high immersion in the I-O world who have attended SIOP as little as one or as many as “more than 10” times. Our modest sample included 11 interviewees, with a mix of academics and professionals. Why You Are Definitely Going to SIOP This Year Skip or Sell Your Blood Steven Toaddy Louisiana Tech University 60 We asked these seasoned attendees what you should do if you can’t make it to SIOP. Only three of them actually stated what you should do if you can’t make it, and everyone else suggested creative ways to make it to SIOP. These responses speak volumes and we’ll summarize both valuable perspec- tives for you here. First, do everything you can to get to SIOP. Here are some tips: • Find a roommate and share a room… several respondents have shared with up to 4 other graduate students! (Per- haps this should be considered a rite of passage) January 2016, Volume 53, Number 3