Media Resources Service Instructions

To access the database, first decide if you want to Search by Specific Criteria, or by a Keyword Search which looks for a key word, name or zip code. We suggest using specific criteria for the best results. There are 23 topics listed with a total of 105 areas of expertise. Choose one, then decide if you want to narrow the search by state or region. Remember, the more you narrow the search, the fewer names you are likely to get.

If you choose Keyword Search, you will have the option of looking for a word or part of a word. You may also search by last name and zip code. In the zip code search you may put in just one or two numbers to get a region. For example if you put in 10 you will get the whole New York metropolitan region, a much larger search then if you put in all 5 digits of the zip code.

If a name appears more than once, it is because they have expertise in more than one content area.

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