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Bob Lee Presents “Learning to Coach Leaders” at Leading Edge Consortium  

by Stephany Schings, Communications Specialist

Additional Speakers Also Announced
Additional speakers have been announced for the 4th annual Leading Edge Consortium, entitled “Executive Coaching for Effective Performance: Leading Edge Practice and Research.” Among the speakers is Bob Lee, who will give a keynote presentation on “Learning to Coach Leaders.”
The Leading Edge Consortium will be held at the Westin Cincinnati October 17–18. Registration is $425 before August 29 and $495 thereafter. A list of confirmed speakers follows.
While coaching deals with many aspects of an organization, Bob Lee will focus on coaching those who need to lead.
Lee is a management consultant in private practice in New York City as well as the director of iCoachNewYork, which provides coach training programs and supervision for both internal and external coaches.  
For the past 11 years he has served as a coach to senior executives regarding leadership and management issues, transitions and team effectiveness. In conjunction with his iCoachNewYork colleagues he teaches introductory and advanced courses on executive coaching as part of the adjunct faculty at the Milano Graduate School of New School University, and as a Senior Fellow with the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, CUNY.
During his presentation, “Learning to Coach Leaders,” Lee will discuss how someone prepares to be a coach to clients who have leadership challenges. 
“Part of what I’m going to talk about is the question, ‘How does somebody learn to become a coach?’” Lee said. “And the second part is ‘How do they learn to deal with the challenges that leaders have?’ It has to do with the coach’s model for doing coaching and the coach’s model for understanding leadership.”
Lee said this field is only beginning to be explored.
“I think it’s a very fascinating and challenging topic, and there really isn’t much written about it,” he said.
Based on his experiences over the last 5 years teaching students to become coaches through the iCoachNewYork training programs, Lee will describe his model of coaching and outline how he and his colleagues help others develop their own models and skills. Lee will discuss what he has found new coaches learn that makes them good coaches.
“An important fact is that most coaches have not been leaders,” Lee explained. “We’re in the helping profession, we’re not in the leading profession, and similarly, leaders in organizations aren’t necessarily good coaches.”
“We don’t teach our students to be leaders; we help them to become coaches to leaders,” Lee added about his training programs. And the leaders they coach are at all levels of an organization.
“The concept of leadership is a distributed one, not limited to people at the top,” Lee explained.
Prior to his private practice Lee was president of the Center for Creative Leadership and president of Lee Hecht Harrison. More information on him can be found by clicking his name in the list below.
The confirmed list of LEC speakers includes:
  • Merrill C. Anderson Chief executive officer of Cylient, a professional services firm offering coaching-based leadership development, culture change and MetrixGlobal® evaluation services.   
  • Sandra Davis – Chief executive officer of Minneapolis-based MDA Leadership Consulting, which she founded in 1981.
  • Erica Desrosiers – Director for organizational and management development at PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Michael H. Frisch – An executive coaching professional and supervising coach and coaching instructor for both internal and external coaches through his affiliation with iCoachNewYork, which provides coach training programs and supervision for both internal and external coaches.
  • Bob Lee – A management consultant in private practice in New York City. He is the director of iCoachNewYork.
  • Douglas McKenna – Former general manager in corporate HR for the Microsoft Corporation and president of the Oceanside Institute, an organization that works to improve individuals’ leadership at work, home and in the community.
  • Paul Ofman – Managing director for the New York office of RHR International, a pioneer in cultivating performance at the highest levels of the world's most successful corporations and organizations.
  • David Peterson – Senior vice president of executive coaching at Personnel Decisions International.
  • Doug Riddle – Global director of coaching and feedback services at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), an international, nonprofit educational institution that focuses on developing models of managerial practice.
  • Barry Schlosser – Co-President of Strategic Executive Advisors, LLC, a professional services firm that provides executive advisory and coaching services for leadership and enterprise development.
  • Sandy Shullman – Managing partner of the Columbus office of the Executive Development Group, an international leadership development and consulting firm.
  • Derek Steinbrenner – A principal consultant at Cambria Consulting, Inc., where he manages the operation of the firm's coaching practice.
  • Paul Tesluk – Associate professor of management & organization and associate director of the Center for Human Capital, Innovation, and Technology at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.
  • Anna Marie Valerio  is the pesident of Executive Leadership Strategies, LLC. Anna Marie’s background includes global experience with Fortune 500 clients in nearly every industrial sector. 
  • Stephen Zaccaro – Professor of psychology at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. He has has written more than 100 articles, book chapters, and technical reports on group dynamics, team performance, leadership, and work attitudes. 
Additional information on speakers and sessions will be announced as the consortium nears, so be sure to check the consortium Web page for updated information.
To learn more about LEC presentations, read about speakers Doug McKenna and Sandra Davis, whose topic, “the psychology of coaching,” was featured in a recent story that can be accessed here.
Questions about the LEC can be directed to the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032.