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Secretary's Report

Bill Macey

The Winter meeting of SIOP's Executive Committee and Committee Chairs was held January 23rd and 24th, 1999. Some highlights of that meeting and the corresponding discussions include:

  • The Long Range Planning Committee will be evaluating the alignment between expenses and services provided by the Society to the membership with particular emphasis on the Society Conference, Workshops, book publications, and general membership services.

  • Irv Goldstein reported on the SIOP Foundation's activities. Irv shared a new brochure that the Foundation Committee has prepared and noted the specific efforts that will be made to recognize those who have contributed to the Foundation.

  • David Hofmann led a discussion of issues related to offering academically oriented workshops. The discussion focused on issues of goals, content and logistics.

  • The Long Range Planning Committee will be working closely with individual Committee Chairs to develop and implement a planning process for committees.

  • The Executive Committee approved a motion to prepare a recommended change in the Society Bylaws to discontinue the Committee on Committees.

  • The I-O Psychology Instructor's Guide prepared by Debbie Major and the Education and Training Committee was approved by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

  • Linda Sawin led a discussion of extending placement services beyond those currently offered at the society conference. The Executive Committee subsequently approved the extension of current placement services to include support for Internet job postings and searches.

  • The Executive Committee approved funding of a membership survey to be conducted by the Professional Practice Committee. The survey will be used to collect member opinions regarding a broad range of SIOP activities.

  • Discussion groups were formed to explore wide-ranging issues including Public Policy, Membership, Education and Training, Fellowship, and the future direction of the Frontiers and Practice Series.

As always, if you have a specific question or comment regarding these or any other topics, please don't hesitate to contact me or any other member of the Executive Committee. Your ideas and comments regarding how SIOP should serve its members would be particularly valued as would any suggestions you might have regarding what you believe should be our priorities.

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