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How to create your own WWW home page

What is a WWW home page?

A World-Wide Web home page is an on-line document containing information you wish people to know about yourself. The most exciting feature of the Web is that you have free reign to express yourself as you see fit. Your home page can contain text, pictures, sound, animation, and more...the only limit is your imagination!

What do I need to know?

As with any document, one must always deal with issues of form and content. The form of your home page is based on the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) syntax. It's easy to learn and implement, and Jason Weiss created a tutorial on basic HTML syntax that shows you how to format a home page with text, pictures, and hyperlinks to bookmarks and other Web pages. If you're interested in going beyond the basics, the Yahoo site has lots to see. For example, you can learn about working with  transparent graphics, fill-out forms, and more.

The content of a home page varies according to its purpose. An academic's home page will necessarily be different from a practitioner's, which will be different again from that of a student. If you would like a little help deciding what to put in your home page, Jason Weiss put together a list of suggestions based on a survey of academic home pages.

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