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SIOP and SHRM: Promoting Evidence-Based HR

A collaboration between the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

To further the use and understanding of evidence-based HR practices, SIOP and SHRM have partnered to create a series of resources for HR practitioners. These resources, available to both SIOP and SHRM members, are specifically intended to infuse the science of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology and other HR disciplines into management practices for daily use in the workplace.

SHRM-SIOP White Paper Series

The SHRM-SIOP Science of HR white paper series provides practitioner-oriented reviews of evidence-based HR practices. These papers, written by leading researchers and practitioners in the field of I-O psychology and HR, make the science of evidence-based HR practices accessible to SHRM members.

For more information regarding the SHRM-SIOP Science of HR Series, please contact: James Kurtessis (james.kurtessis@shrm.org) or David Dubin (David@psycharts.com).

SIOP is continuously working to develop materials about topics that will be published and distributed by SHRM to its membership. Each collaborative article will be posted here and can also be viewed on SHRM's website here.

Developing and maintaining an engaged workforce remains a critical objective for HR professionals as domestic and foreign competition stiffens. Perceived organizational support (POS), involving the extent to which employees feel the organization values their work contributions and cares for their well-being, provides an important tool for this objective. Evidence-based research consistently shows that POS is linked to employees’ increased psychological well-being and performance plus reduced absenteeism and turnover. We provide HR professionals, upper-level managers and frontline supervisors with tactics to enhance POS and its benefits for employees and their work organizations.

  • Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Mature Workers January 2016

    The aging of the labor force promises dramatic shifts in workforce demographics that have implications for human resource (HR) science and practice. The looming retirement of the Baby Boom generation, seemingly en masse over the next decade in industrialized countries, will leave many organizations with vacancies that will be difficult to fill with younger, less experienced workers. The imperative for organizations faced with such an exodus in talent is to understand how best to retain and engage mature workers. Yet, relatively few organizations report developing strategies to prepare for these demographic shifts. This paper provides a review of current research on workforce aging relevant for engaging and retaining mature workers. Specific topics include job performance, age-related changes in abilities and motivation, and considerations for training. Strategies presented highlight the importance of developing organizational policies that engage—and benefit—workers of all ages.
  • Implementing Effective Cyber Security Training for End Users of Computer Networks September 2015

Cyber security is a concern for all modern organizations. These organizations cannot achieve their cyber security goals through hardware and information technology (IT) workers alone, so all employees who use computer networks must be trained on the knowledge, skills and policies related to cyber security. This paper reviews what is known about effective cyber security training for end users of computer systems and offers suggestions about how human resource (HR) leaders can effectively implement this training.

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