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Announcing the HRM Impact Awards Program

Milton D. Hakel
SIOP Foundation President

I am delighted to announce that SHRM, SIOP, the SHRM Foundation and the SIOP Foundation will present the first HRM Impact Awards later this year. This exciting new program is a collaborative effort of the four partners, and it presents a wonderful showcase in which to spotlight the best evidence-based practice.

The four partners share a deep commitment to promoting human resource management practices that contribute to the success of today’s global and local work organizations, making them better places to work.  The partners also share a belief that the way to accomplish this goal is to assemble the best available evidence regarding the usefulness and impact of successfully implemented, innovative HRM initiatives. The HRM Impact Award was designed with this in mind.

Any for-profit, not-for-profit, or government organization, located anywhere in the world, may apply for recognition of an evidence-based initiative or practice used internally by that organization. The featured practice must be currently in use or have been in use within the past 5 years. The practice must be established enough to have generated data demonstrating its return on investment (ROI) and/or effectiveness. Applicants must provide measurement data to demonstrate evidence of the practice’s effectiveness and/or ROI.  If selected for an award, applicants must be willing to share the details of this practice in one or more of the following ways: brief video, academic case study, HR Magazine and/or TIP article, media interviews, presentations, and/or social media.

Applications will be evaluated by a panel of volunteer judges including both academics and HR practitioners from the four sponsoring organizations, SHRM, SIOP, the SIOP Foundation and the SHRM Foundation. Judges will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria: (a) Financial or operational impact on the business or enterprise; (b) people impact on employees and teams; (c)  scientific impact on the practice of HR, industrial-organizational psychology, and/or management; and (d)  quality of evidence in support of the financial, people, and scientific impacts.

Information about and the application form for the HRM Impact Award program is online at http://www.HRMImpactAwards.org. Nominations or applications may be made now and must be submitted by July 1. The winner(s) will be announced in October at the SHRM Strategy Conference and the SIOP Leading Edge Consortium.

This is a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate our scientific and practical contributions to enhancing effectiveness at work.