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International Affairs Committee (IAC) White Paper Series

Alok Bhupatkar
American Institutes for Research
Lynda Zugec
The Workforce Consultants
Donald Truxillo
Portland State University


The primary purpose of our IAC White Papers is to present the most recent topics of interest to the international I-O community.  The end goal of these white papers is to make research evidence accessible to both scientists and practitioners around the globe.  Additionally, along with the Professional Practice Committee at SIOP, we have partnered with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to publish certain white papers (http://www.siop.org/siop-shrm/default.aspx), which will illustrate the value of Industrial and Organizational Psychology to business, policy makers, and the SIOP and SHRM societies at large.  The goal of our partnership is to introduce the science behind the I-O psychology and human resources disciplines into daily use within the workplace.


The history of the IAC White Paper Series dates back to 2009 based on discussions among a number of SIOP, EAWOP, and IAAP members, including Donald Truxillo, Kurt Kraiger, and Jose Maria Peiró.  During that time, Jose Maria proposed using some of the International Research Incubator topics (from the SIOP, EAWOP, and IAAP conferences) for future white paper series – an approach that inspired our first two white papers on Retirement and on Applicant Reactions.  Additionally, during 2010-2011 Lynda Zugec and Alok Bhupatkar researched different White Paper Models and had several conversations with chairs from other committees, including Stuart Carr (Massey University) from the separate Work Psychology White Papers (WPWP) Steering Committee.  These initial discussions were supported by both Lori Foster Thompson (SIOP) and Milt Hakel from the Alliance.  The April 2012 TIP article written by Stuart Carr contains a description of our history.  To access this article, please refer to the article titled “SIOP Initiatives on White Papers: The Story So Far” (April 2012 TIP issue).

White Paper Series Committee Members

The current IAC White Paper Series committee members include Donald Truxillo (IAC Committee Chair, Portland State University), Lynda Zugec (White Paper Subcommittee Cochair, The Workforce Consultants), and Alok Bhupatkar (White Paper Subcommittee Cochair, American Institutes for Research).  Through multiple discussions, this committee sent invitations to internationally renowned experts in the field of I-O and created the International Affairs White Paper Series Board.  Through the years, others have served on this committee including Autumn Krauss, and we would like to sincerely thank the reviewers of the first series of white papers.

International Affairs White Paper Series Board

Through multiple discussions, this committee sent invitations to internationally renowned experts in the field of I-O psychology.  We began the development of the White Paper Series by benchmarking other white paper models, and in 2012, we created the International Affairs White Paper Series Board (IAWSB).  These board members were selected based on their affiliation with international organizational psychology societies and their expertise and stature in the field of I-O.  The two main purposes of the IAWSB are to (a) identify the white paper topics and lead authors for the annual International Affairs Whitepaper Series and (b) review and provide feedback on the white papers as they are completed. Three members—Fernanda Afonso, Barbara Kozusznik, and John C. Scott (representatives from EAWOP, IAAP, and SIOP)—currently serve as board members for the 2012–2013 year.  We wish to thank the three of them for their efforts in furthering the IAC White Paper Series.

Work to Date

Since 2011, IAC Chair Donald Truxillo and White Paper Subcommittee Chairs Lynda Zugec and Alok Bhupatkar began the development of the white paper publication process with the rest of the IAC Committee.  An overview of the white papers published in 2011–12, plus the upcoming white papers expected for 2012–13, is presented in the table below:

Year Title Authors
2011-2012 What We Know About Applicant Reactions on Attitudes and Behavior: Research Summary and Best Practices Talya N. Bauer, Julie McCarthy, Neil Anderson, Donald M. Truxillo, & Jesús F. Salgado
  Achieving Well-Being in Retirement: Recommendations From 20 Years' Research Mo Wang & Beryl Hesketh
2012-2013 Humanitarian Work Psychology: Concepts to Contributions Stuart Carr et al.

Want Access to the IAC White Papers?

There are several websites where you can download the IAC white papers from.  These are listed below.

SIOP Website

White papers can be accessed on the SIOP homepage (www.siop.org) under the “Publications” tab. Once under this tab, click on the heading “White Papers” or simply access it here: http://www.siop.org/WhitePapers/default.aspx

AOP Website

The SIOP IAC White Papers are also available at the Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP) website and can be downloaded here: http://www.allianceorgpsych.org/WhitePapers.aspx

SHRM Website

As part of the research collaboration between SIOP and SHRM, the white papers can also be downloaded here: http://www.shrm.org/Research/Articles/Pages/default.aspx

Once at this web address, click on the section titled “SHRM/SIOP Collaboration.”