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Vol. 50/No. 4 April 2013

Click on the pictures for the pdf version of each section. Please note that the pdfs are bookmarked to help you navigate through each section. Just click on the bookmark tab located on the left to access the clickable Table of Contents.

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A Message From Your President
Doug Reynolds

From the Editor
Lisa Steelman

Making History: The Evolution of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Lisa Steelman

Letter to the Editor

The Security of Employment Testing: Practices That Keep Pace With Evolving Organizational Demands and Technology Innovations
Tracy Kantrowitz and Sara Gutierrez

Enforcement of Employment Law: What the Next Four Years Will Bring
David S. Fortney, Judith E. Kramer, and Burton J. Fishman

Increasing I-O and SIOP Brand Awareness Among Business and HR Professionals: What’s the Baseline?
Mark Rose, Elizabeth McCune, Erica L. Spencer, Elizabeth A. Rupprecht, and Oksana Drogan

Mean Job Satisfaction Levels Over Time: Are Things Bad and Getting Worse?
Nathan A. Bowling, Michael R. Hoepf, David M. LaHuis, and Lawrence R. Lepisto

News From the SIOP–United Nations Team: SIOP Has Joined the UN Global Compact and So Can You!
John C. Scott, Herman Aguinis, Ishbel McWha, Deborah E. Rupp, Lori Foster Thompson, and Sean Cruse

2011 SIOP Graduate Program Benchmarking Survey Part 3: Curriculum and Competencies
Robert P. Tett, Benjamin Walser, Cameron Brown, Daniel V. Simonet, and Scott Tonidandel

Is the Landscape of I-O Consulting Changing?
Lynda Zugec

The High Society: Things I Learned Along the Way
Paul M. Muchinsky

Yes You Can: I-Os and Funded Research
Ashley Walvoord and Liu-Qin Yang

Pro-Social I-O–Quo Vadis? Inception to Impact?
Stuart C. Carr

International Practice Forum
Alex Alonso and Mo Wang

Spotlight on Global I-O 
Lori Foster Thompson, Alexander E. Gloss, and M. K. Ward
Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Papua New Guinea
Leo Marai

The Academics’ Forum: The Future Is Now: Facebook, Beloit, and TIP Online 
Satoris S. Culbertson

Max. Classroom Capacity
Marcus W. Dickson 

TIP-TOPICS for Students: The Top Trends in I-O Psychology: A Graduate Student Perspective
Mary Margaret Harris and Kimberly D. Hollman

On the Legal Front: Thirteen Years of On the Legal Front
Art Gutman and Eric Dunleavy

Practice Perspectives: Trends in SIOP Membership, Graduate Education and Member Satisfaction
Rob Silzer and Chad Parson

Practitioners’ Forum 
Tracy Kantrowitz
    SIOP Task Force Begins Dialogue With Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
    Eric Dunleavy and Rich Tonowski

The History Corner: The GI Bill, Psychology, and I-O Psychology
Kevin T. Mahoney

Good Science–Good Practice: Embedding Innovation in I-O Practitioner Work
Tom Giberson and Suzanne Miklos

Foundation Spotlight: Announcing the HRM Impact Awards Program
Milton D. Hakel

Report of the SIOP Election Committee
Tammy D. Allen

Houston, We Have a Conference!
Eden King and Robin Cohen

International Affairs Committee (IAC) White Paper Series
Alok Bhupatkar, Lynda Zugec, and Donald Truxillo

Interdivisional Grant: Leadership Diversity Summit
Kizzy M. Parks and Katina Sawyer

2014 Call for Nominations and Funding Opportunities
David Baker

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle

Stephen Young

Announcing New SIOP Members
Mo Wang

Conferences & Meetings
David Pollack





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