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The Industrial-Organizational PsyChologist   
Vol. 45/No. 4  April 2008

TIP is offered in two different formats:  HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF files.  Please click on the link below to access the format you prefer. 



PDF  Note:  To access the TIP PDF file, you must have Acrobat 5. You can get Acrobat 5 here.


TIP Homepage 



In the TIP article “Personnel Psychology and Nepotism: Should We Support Anti-Nepotism Policies?” (January 2008), Johnathan Levine’s affiliation was inadvertantly listed as SkillsNet.  The correct affiliation is Workforce Dynamics.

Cover:  Spring Tulips, Plymouth, MN.  
Photo courtesy of Stacy Eitel Davies, Doctoral Student, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.