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Vol. 46/No. 4 April 2009

Featured Articles

A Message From Your President      
Gary Latham

Letter to the SIOP Executive Committee
John Campbell, Paul Levy, Kevin Murphy, Neal Schmitt, and Howard Weiss

 A Quantitative Examination of Trends in I-O Psychology 2001–2005
Richard N. Landers

The Marginalized Workforce: How I-O Psychology Can Make a Difference
Douglas C. Maynard and Bernardo M. Ferdman

Editorial Departments

On the Legal Front: Fasten Your Seatbelts: Supreme Court to Hear Ricci v. Destefano
Eric Dunleavy and Art Gutman                                   

Practice Perspectives: Promoting Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Anna Erickson, Rob Silzer, Greg Robinson, and Rich Cober 

The History Corner: Guide to Archival Research
Michael J. Zickar

The Academics’ Forum: Focus on Industrial and Organizational Psychology Master’s Programs: Benefits and Challenges
Sylvia Roch
Good Science–Good Practice              
Marcus W. Dickson and Jamie Madigan

Spotlight on Global I-O: Networking in Israel: Schmoozing in the Holy Land
Dana R. Vashdi and Peter A. Bamberger      

TIP-TOPics for Students: Transitioning to Life After Graduate School—Job Search Strategies for Academic and Applied Careers  
Jenn Lindberg McGinnis, Clara Hess, Jane Vignovic, Reanna Poncheri Harman, Tara Behrend, and Amy DuVernet

Letter(s) to Editor   


Call for Nominations and Entries:  2010 Awards for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Anna Erickson

Work Psychology White Papers Series: A New International Collaboration to Produce Evidence-Based Papers on Current Policy Topics 
Virginia E. Schein

Journal of Business and Psychology: A New Direction
Steven Rogelberg      

SIOP Programming Highlights for the 117th Annual APA Convention
Robert R. Sinclair      

2009 SIOP Program Acceptance Statistics
John C. Scott       

SIOP Members in the News      
Clif Boutelle

Obituary: Robert P. Vecchio

Anna L. Sackett

Announcing New SIOP Members
Adrienne Colella