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The New my.SIOP: Your Personalized Member Dashboard

Zack Horn
Aptima, Inc.
Chair, SIOP Electronic Communications Committee

For the first time, access all your SIOP member resources in one easy-to-remember location: my.SIOP.org. Whether signing in to SIOP.org or at my.SIOP directly, your new home for all member-related information is now your my.SIOP dashboard. The new my.SIOP dashboard integrates your SIOP community network with your member account and resource information to serve as a central hub for your SIOP experience. Your my.SIOP dashboard is personalized to your interests, giving you direct access to the people, groups, research topics, documents, news, and account information you need and care about most.

Your my.SIOP presence begins with your member profile—add a photo, update your bio, and tag your profile with I-O topics of interest. Then connect with others by creating and joining groups or by participating on discussion forums. You can add yourself to the Member Map to improve your presence among other I-O psychologists in your area, expand your regional network, and connect with your colleagues when traveling around the globe. When my.SIOP was launched at the 2012 conference, thousands of SIOP members quickly established profiles, uploaded photos, and joined groups of common interest. With the new my.SIOP dashboard, it’s easier than ever to build your presence, stay involved, and expand your professional network.

As you join groups and build your SIOP network, the news feed on your dashboard adapts to deliver the announcements, blog posts, group discussions, forum feeds, and calendar items of interest to you. Your groups are accessible from the dashboard as well. Some members join groups to discuss the latest research and find nearby collaborators, whereas others manage to identify session presenters and coauthors in advance conference submission deadlines. Group tools such as blogs, e-mail lists, and wikis offer valuable collaboration capabilities tailored for SIOP members.

To update your SIOP member account, my.SIOP provides all the links necessary to quickly update your contact information and renew your membership. Additional links to member-specific content (e.g., nominations and elections, committee volunteering, and SIOP governance reports) are all available on the dashboard as well. On the research front, my.SIOP now provides links to the SIOP Research Access (EBSCO) database, as well as all publications and research documents affiliated with SIOP, including the IOP journal, TIP publications, newsbriefs, and white papers.

Be social: Your my.SIOP dashboard offers direct links to SIOP’s social media outlets. Contribute to public discussions and announcements on SIOP’s LinkedIn page. Receive timely announcements from SIOP on Twitter (@SIOPtweets). Affiliate with SIOP on Facebook. Submit a blog post to the public SIOP Exchange blog. You can now find all these features in one single spot: my.SIOP.org.

Visit my.SIOP today or login at SIOP.org to personalize your my.SIOP experience. For answers to your questions about using my.SIOP, check the FAQs or start a new thread in the User Questions Forum.