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Table of Contents January 2016 Volume 53, Issue 3

President’s Column      PDF 
Steve W. J. Kozlowski

The Editor’s Out-Box: On Accountability      PDF 
Morrie Mullins

Letter to the Editor: The Past Begets the Future      PDF 
Camille Drake-Brassfield

Letter to the Editor      PDF 
Kay Muchinsky

Letter to the Editor      PDF 
Rob Silzer and Allan Church

Editorial Columns

Guest Editorial: Does SIOP Work for Practitioners? Evidence, Accomplishments, and Plans      PDF
Alexander Alonso, Cristina G. Banks, and Mark L. Poteet

Practitioner Forum: Workplace Health and Well-Being: Advancing SIOP’s Roles and Practitioner Opportunities      PDF
Robert Bloom, Laura Freeman, Valentina Bruk-Lee, Jerilyn Hayward, and Donna Roland

Organizational Neuroscience: Enhancing Cognitive Ability and Revolutionizing I-O Psychology: A TIP Interview with Dr. Vivienne Ming, Part 2      PDF
M.K. Ward and William Becker

LGBT Issues in Research and Practice: Conversations With Seasoned SIOP Members of the LGBTQ Community: Thoughts and Observations on Past, Present, and Future Pursuit of I-O Careers      PDF
Steve Discont, Craig J. Russell, and Katina Sawyer

Max. Classroom Capacity      PDF 
Loren Naidoo

The Academics’ Forum: From Fifty to Two Hundred Fifty: Figuring Out How to Teach Large Lecture Classes      PDF
Allison S. Gabriel

The I-Opener: Hey Students and Also Everyone Else: Go to SIOP’s Annual Conference (and Here’s Why and How)      PDF
Eleni Lobene and Steven Toaddy

TIP-Topics: Conference Crafting: Making the Most Out of Your Disney Adventure      PDF 
Thomas Sasso, Jessica Sorenson, and Grace Ewles

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: Why Should We CARE About Aid and Development? An Interview With Dora Ward Curry      PDF
Ashley Hoffman

Practitioners’ Ponderings: Strategy and Measurement       PDF
Richard M. Vosburgh

On the Legal Front: Wage and Hour Litigation Developments and Trends       PDF
Cristina Banks and Chester Hanvey

SIOP in Washington: Behavioral Science Executive Order Promotes Social and Behavioral Sciences Team      PDF
Seth Kaplan and Laura Uttley

International Practice Forum: Discovering I-O Psychology in Aotearoa–New Zealand      PDF
Lynda Zugec, with Stewart Forsyth

The Modern App: Performance Management Technologies for Organizational Coaching      PDF
Tiffany Poeppelman and Nikki Blacksmith

History Corner: John C. Flanagan’s Contributions Within and Beyond I-O Psychology      PDF
Jeffrey M. Cucina and Nathan A. Bowling


Feature Articles

Practitioner Professional Development: Results From the 2015 Practitioner Needs Survey      PDF
Meredith Ferro, Ben Porr, Ted Axton, and Soner Dumani

Six Career Lessons From Two Completely Adequate I-O Psychologists       PDF
Thomas A. Stetz and Todd L. Chmielewski

Who Started When: Origins of I-O Related Companies      PDF 
Logan J. Michels, Courtney C. Gear, Daniel Sachau, and Dick Olson

METRO: The Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology: 76 Years and Still Going Strong!      PDF
Terri Shapiro, Anna R. Erickson, and William L. Farmer

Unleashing Human Potential Through the Science of Work      PDF
Lori Foster, John C. Scott, Deborah E. Rupp, Lise Saari, Mathian Osicki, Kristin Charles, Drew Mallory, and Dan Maday



Notes From the APA Council of Representatives Meeting: APA Council of Representatives and the Hoffman Report      PDF
Lori Foster, Deirdre Knapp, Rodney Lowman, and Deborah Whetzel

SIOP Anaheim 2016: A Welcome From Your Conference Chair      PDF 
Eden King

2016 Conference Program       PDF
Scott Tonidandel

Don’t Forget! Submission Deadline Approaching for 2016 APS Convention in Chicago      PDF
Silvia Bonaccio, Margaret Beier, Angela Grotto, and Christopher Wiese

Professional Practice Committee Updates       PDF
Mark L. Poteet

Social Media and I-O Psychology: Take the Challenge!       PDF
SIOP Electronic Communications Committee

IOTAs       PDF
Alyssa LaCava

SIOP Members in the News    PDF
Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings       PDF
Marianna Horn

SIOP Information     PDF