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 The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP)

Volume 53 Number 1 (July 2015)


Table of Contents   PDF

President’s Column     PDF          
Steve W. J. Kozlowski

The Editor’s Out-Box: On Inclusion    PDF
Morrie Mullins

Letter to the Editor: Goal-Setting Theory Gets Complicated in Practice    PDF
George Graen

Editorial Columns

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: Incorporating HWP Into Your Classroom: Lessons Learned    PDF
Ashley Hoffman

TIP-TOPics: Prosocial I-O Psychology: Having an Impact Beyond Traditional Research and Practice     PDF
Alexa Garcia, MacKenna Perry, Allison Ellis, and Jennifer Rineer

Practice Perspectives: Trends in Professional Membership, Activities, Development, and Representation (2008-2015)     PDF
Rob Silzer and Chad Parson

Practitioners’ Forum: Overview of the 2015 Practitioner Needs Survey     PDF
Joy Oliver, Meredith Ferro, Cole Napper, and Ben Porr

History Corner: A Historical Look at Theory in Industrial-Organizational Psychology Journals     PDF
Jeffrey M. Cucina and Karen O. Moriarty

The SIOP Living History Series: An Interview With Frank L. Schmidt    PDF
Jeffrey M. Cucina, Karen O. Moriarty, and Kim Johnson

The Modern App:  A Year in Review: #SIOP15 Technology and Social Media Highlights     PDF
Nikki Blacksmith and Tiffany Poeppelman

The I-Opener: Would You Believe That We Even Fought Over Authorship Order for This Article?    PDF
Bharati Belwalkar and Steven Toaddy

International Practice Forum:  Aiyo! The State of I-O Psychology in Malaysia, Lah.     PDF
Lynda Zugec, with Daniel Russell and Mei-Hua Lin

SIOP in Washington:  Expanding the Impact of I-O Across the Federal Government     PDF
Seth Kaplan and Laura Uttley

Organizational Neuroscience:  Emotion in Work, From Brain to Organizational Levels of Analysis: A TIP Interview with Professor Neal Ashkanasy     PDF
M.K. Ward and William Becker

The Academics’ Forum: Making the Most of Your Pre-Academic Summer    PDF
Allison Gabriel 

Max. Classroom Capacity     PDF
Marcus W. Dickson and Loren Naidoo

Foundation Spotlight: Promoting Diversity in Thinking About “Diversity”     PDF
Milt Hakel

On the Legal Front: Legal Summertime Reading     PDF
Richard Tonowski

Practitioners’ Ponderings     PDF
Richard M. Vosburgh

Feature Articles

Where Are the I-O Psychologists in Southeast Asia?     PDF
Allen I. Kraut

Convenience Samples and Teaching Organizational Research Methods    PDF
David Costanza, Nikki Blacksmith, and Meredith Coats

Who Bought Who II?  The M&A History of Corporate Executive Board and Korn Ferry     PDF
Logan J. Michels, Courtney C. Gear, Daniel Sachau, and Richard Olson

Identifying the Competencies, Critical Experiences, and Career Paths of I-O Psychologists: Industry    PDF
Alexandra I. Zelin, Joy Oliver, Samantha Chau, Bethany Bynum, Gary Carter, Mark L. Poteet, and Dennis Doverspike


Philadelphia 2015:  A Declaration of SIOP’s 30th Anniversary     PDF
Eden King, Kristen Shockley, and Evan Sinar

Conference Highlights!     PDF

2015 Frank Landy SIOP 5k Fun Run Results     PDF
Paul Sackett

SIOP Program 2016: Anaheim    PDF
Scott Tonidandel and Eden King

Membership Committee Update    PDF
Satoris S. Culbertson

Under New System, Bridges Build You     PDF
Steven Toaddy and Joseph A. Allen

Revision of SIOP’s Guidelines for Education and Training Is Underway    PDF
Stephanie C. Payne, Whitney Botsford Morgan, and Laura Koppes Bryan

Science Funding Speed Mentoring Event Report     PDF
Jessica L. Wildman, James A. Grand, and the Scientific Affairs Committee

Improving the Visibility of I-O Psychology and SIOP     PDF
Mark Rose and Stephanie Klein

News from the SIOP-United Nations Team: Exploring Work Experiences of Informal Workers and Promoting Decent Work for All     PDF
Mahima Saxena, English Sall, John C. Scott, Deborah E. Rupp, Lise Saari, Lori Foster Thompson, Mathian Osicki, and Drew Mallory

Notes from the APA Council of Representatives Meeting     PDF
Deidre J. Knapp

Lauren Kenney

SIOP Members in the News     PDF
Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings     PDF
Marianna Horn

 SIOP Information     PDF