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Table of Contents   PDF

Front Matter     PDF

President’s Column      PDF
Steve W. J. Kozlowski

The Editor’s Out-Box: On Credibility      PDF
Morrie Mullins

Updated Submission Policy for TIP     PDF

Letter to the Editor: “Kilo Authoring"      PDF
Paul Muchinsky


Editorial Columns

TIP-TOPics: What Do You Hope to Contribute to Society? Integrating Science and Practice in Graduate Education      PDF
Jessica Sorenson, Grace Ewles, and Thomas Sasso

LGBT Issues in Research and Practice: The SIOP LGBT Committee: Our History and Current Goals      PDF
Katina Sawyer, Craig Russell, Steve Discont, Christian Thoroughgood, Thomas Sasso, Kristen Jones, Kenneth Matos, and Daniel Gandara

Practice Perspectives: Practice in I-O Psychology: Key Practitioner Issues and Recommendations for Future SIOP Action      PDF
Rob Silzer and Chad Parson

Max. Classroom Capacity      PDF
Marcus W. Dickson and Loren Naidoo

High Society: My Final Publication (Not Peer Reviewed)      PDF
Paul M. Muchinsky

The Modern App: The Realities of Internet Testing: Security Considerations and Best Practices      PDF
Nikki Blacksmith and Tiffany Poeppelman

The I-Opener: Let’s Talk About Stats, Baby      PDF
Steven Toaddy

Organizational Neuroscience: Work at the Intersection of Theoretical Neuroscience, Entrepreneurship, and Technology: A TIP Interview With Dr. Vivienne Ming, Part 1      PDF
M. K. Ward and William Becker

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: “Nuovo” Developments in Milan, Italy!      PDF
Ashley Hoffman

The Academics’ Forum: Designing Your First Doctoral Seminar (When You Still Feel Like a Doctoral Student)      PDF
Allison S. Gabriel 

SIOP in Washington: Expanding the Impact of I-O Across the Federal Government      PDF
Seth Kaplan and Laura Uttley

International Practice Forum: Happy 40th Anniversary to the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology!      PDF
Lynda Zugec, with Silvia Bonaccio, Joshua Bourdage, Francois Chiocchio, Gary Latham, and Winny Shen

On the Legal Front: A Tale of Two Tests      PDF
Richard Tonowski

Practitioners’ Ponderings      PDF
Richard M. Vosburgh

Foundation Spotlight: Jeanneret Symposium: The Assessment of Leaders of Leaders     PDF
Nancy T. Tippins

History Corner: Robert Hoppock: Early Job Satisfaction and Vocational Guidance Pioneer      PDF
Nathan A. Bowling and Jeffrey M. Cucina 


Feature Articles

Identifying the Competencies, Critical Experiences, and Career Paths of I-O Psychologists: Government      PDF
Alexandra I. Zelin, Joy Oliver, Samantha Chau, Bethany Bynum, Gary Carter, Mark L. Poteet, and Dennis Doverspike

Peer Review Haiku      PDF
Tara S. Behrend

UPDATED! A table was omitted at posting but has now been inserted in the article.

The World Sets New Goals: How Should I-O Psychology Respond?      PDF
Alexander Gloss, John C. Scott, Deborah E. Rupp, Lori L. Foster, Mathian Osicki, Lise Saari, Drew Mallory, English Sall, Doug Maynard, Ishbel McWha-Hermann, Mary O’Neill Berry, and Walter Reichman

Sampling Strategies in the Top I-O Journals: What Gets Published?      PDF
Joel T. Nadler, Lynn K. Bartels, Samantha Naumann, Rosey Morr, Janna Locke, Megan Beurskens, Daniel Wilson, and Melissa Ginder



Have You Joined a Local Industrial-Organizational Psychology Group? If Not, You May Be Missing Out!      PDF
William L. Farmer, Terri Shapiro, Donna L. Sylvan, Lynda Zugec, and Virginia B. Whelan

Revising SIOP’s Guidelines for Education and Training: Graduate Program Director Survey Results      PDF
Stephanie C. Payne, Whitney Botsford Morgan, and Joseph Allen

SIOP 2015 Conference Daily Feedback Study Results      PDF
Kristen Shockley, Rebecca Bryant, Richard Landers, Joel Nadler, and Jeremiah McMillan

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships: A Toolkit and Q&A for Applications      PDF
Sarah Frick, Jaclyn Martin, Sean Potter, Kimberly French, Danielle King, and the Scientific Affairs Committee

SIOP 2016: Anaheim      PDF
Scott Tonidandel and Eden King

SIOP 2016 Preconference Workshops      PDF
Emily Solberg

Professional Practice Committee Updates      PDF
Mark L. Poteet

Practitioner Speed Mentoring Event Report      PDF
Cole Napper

I-O@APS—Why You Should Attend the 2016 APS Convention in Chicago      PDF
Silvia Bonaccio, Margaret Beier, Angela Grotto, and Christopher Wiese

Submit Your Work to the APA Convention in Denver!      PDF
Tara Behrend

Obituary: Paul Muchinsky       PDF

Obituary: Lyman W. Porter      PDF

IOTAs      PDF
Lauren Kenney

SIOP Members in the News      PDF
Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings      PDF
Marianna Horn

SIOP Information      PDF


Cornerstone Management 

Development Dimensions International (DDI)


Hogan Assessment Systems


IPAT, Inc.

Resource Associates

Colorado State University



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