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The date is August 28, 2013. I have been tasked with leading a cross-organizational taskforce with represen- tatives from all parts including China, India, United Arab Emirates, and Africa. We have one goal: innovate the way we assess professionalism among HR profes- sionals so that we can offer a global solution. Living in the era of Skype and Adobe Connect, I assume that launching our effort will be easier than it could have been even 10 years ago. I know. Famous last words. Alex Alonso Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Mo Wang University of Florida Here is an eyewitness account of our first meeting originally scheduled for 4pm EST. “It started out just fine. We logged into the webcast software and dialed into the teleconference line. Then, it went straight downhill from there. People from all sides logged in at various times making timeliness a suggestion rather than a requirement. The taskforce leader communi- cated the general mission and vision for the taskforce but not without32 different requests to clarify the rea- son for this new mission or vision. Poor Anu from Du- bai kept trying to ask a question and no one let her get it in and, frankly, when she did submit her question it was disregarded because of time constraints. If you ask me, it wouldn’t have mattered if she had asked her question from the start. Nobody in the ‘room’ was lis- tening to anyone outside the room. I knew we were in trouble after one meeting.” The eyewitness account above provides insights into an all-too-common business problem. The problem, however, is not one of borders or technological limita- tions. It is a problem of teamwork and culture. As I embarked upon this task, I realized quickly that we would not attain one objective if we did not address the teamwork issues encountered in this example. How would we address the lack of respect for interna- tional perspectives? How would we refocus our effort The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 101