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Effectively Leveraging Multidisciplinary Teams to Enhance I-O Interventions With Technology Application of Modern Technology and Social Media in the Workplace Tiffany Poeppelman Aptima Nikki Blacksmith The George Washington University Computers and information technology are becoming an essential aspect of the workplace, making it highly unlikely that there will ever be a return to traditional methods of conducting business (Mayhew, 2007). Tech- nology that supports industrial-organizational (I-O) psy- chology research and interventions is continuously changing by the day. I-O clients not only want the re- search rigor built in these systems but advanced technol- ogy to administer or enhance the user (e.g., trainee or applicant) experience. For example, gone are the days of building a selection assessment with just an I-O psycholo- gist who conducts a job analysis, writes the items, and gathers validity evidence. Technology solutions are be- coming a necessary component of selection practices making it critical for other experts to be involved. These include mathematical modelers to develop the algo- rithms that drive the technology tool or system, a de- signer to build the user interface (i.e., the place where the person and the machine interact), and system engi- neers to build the software. Given these demands, it is becoming even more critical for I-O psychologists to com- municate with individuals from technology and engineer- ing disciplines in order to develop solutions that meet the client’s needs. Thus, I-O psychologists must learn to work with a variety of domain experts to develop and implement technology-driven solutions. However, these multidisciplinary teams come with a set of challenges and barriers that must be met in or- der to be effective. Although both of us have had per- sonal experiences working on multidisciplinary teams and encountered many said challenges, we know we The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 105