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TIP Interview With Professor Sigal Barsade In this issue, we enter the metaphori- cal construction site of organizational neuroscience (ON) with one of the builders of the field, Professor Sigal Barsade, PhD, the Joseph Frank Bern- stein professor of Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Her work focuses on the influence of emotions on the fol- lowing: organizational behavior, group emotions, emo- tional contagion, organizational culture and change, executives and their management teams, decision making, and employee performance. Sigal Barsade earned her doctorate from University of California, Berkeley. She has extensive consulting experience, including clients such as Levi Strauss and the NBA (National Basketball Association). She has served on several editorial boards and has received awards for excellence in teaching and research. M. K. Ward North Carolina State University In this issue, we discuss ways that affect influences organizational outcomes. Dr. Barsade describes ways in which her research studies and consulting work raise awareness of emotional phenomena and how she uses ON to enhance her work. What are your research interests in I-O psychology? How do your projects relate to ON? Bill Becker Texas Christian University 126 One of the things that got me interested in ON was my emotional contagion research. Initially, my idea for emotional contagion in groups came from an actual work experience when I worked with a really unpleas- ant person. When that person took vacation, I felt my shoulders lower, and everybody was happier. Then the April 2014 Volume 51 Issue