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Building Your Program’s Internal Strengths and Infrastructure: Service to the Department Caitlin A. Demsky Portland State University Giving back can be as rewarding as receiving. In fact, re- search supports this adage both in philanthropy (Contie, 2007) and in the workplace (Grant, 2013). This research helps to explain why it feels good to give back to the greater good. In this column, we will discuss several ways in which graduate students can give back to both their department and fellow graduate students. We hope that our suggestions will be helpful for both graduate students looking to further enrich the remainder of their time in graduate school as well as to faculty members and ad- ministrators looking to build their program’s infrastruc- ture while creating new avenues for graduate student input and involvement. We offer our suggestions through the lens of our experiences at Portland State University (PSU), as we believe a number of our current initiatives can be tailored to programs of all sizes. The resources we’re fortunate enough to receive often inspire us to give back in a number of formats. Specifically, we’ll begin by discussing several ways we as graduate students build our own resources and turn to contributions we offer to our own I-O track within the department, as well as the de- partment-wide contributions of a popular graduate stu- dent group. Building Knowledge and Community in Your Program Kevin O. Novak Portland State University 140 There are number of opportunities for development that can help your program grow in a positive way. Pro- grams and events like colloquia and workshops can pro- vide multiple access points for learning content and building knowledge. Service to the program begins with our own growth and resource development, and the department provides some of these opportunities for development throughout the year. April 2014 Volume 51 Issue