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Bill and Barbara Owens: Sustaining and Advancing I-O The SIOP Foundation exists to sustain and advance I-O psychology. It exists because Bill Owens and his wife Barbara sought to make a charitable contribution, and its creation was SIOP’s response to their generosity. The origin of the SIOP Foundation has already been reported in TIP and need not be repeated here, other than to provide a link back to it ( tip/jan10/14hakel.aspx). What is important is to un- derline the opening contribution by Bill and Barbara. Bill served as President of Division 14 in 1969–70, and his presidential autobiography is well worth reading, at It con- veys great insight into the development of our field, including the insertion of “and Organizational” into its name during his presidential year. Milton D. Hakel SIOP Foundation President Most SIOP members nowadays know of Bill because of the award named for him, given to the author(s) of the publication in a refereed journal judged to have the high- est potential to significantly impact the field of I-O psy- chology ( It was created with the proceeds of Bill and Barbara’s initial contribution ($25,000), to which subsequently has been added $79,576 in contributions and investment returns. This endowed fund has already paid out $25,500 in awards, showing the power of foundations to leverage the charitable gifts that are received. SIOP members with ties to the University of Georgia will know that Bill was the founding director of its In- stitute for Behavioral Research. In 2011, that institute 164 April 2014 Volume 51 Issue