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To the SIOP Community: What follows is a note the Summit Group (described below) sent to the American Studies Association, said Association having declared a boycott of Israeli aca- demic institutions. Further, although the views ex- pressed are not those of SIOP as an organization or any specific committee thereof, the issues raised are such that the signatories felt (and the editor agreed) that sharing the contents of the letter with SIOP's membership was appropriate and necessary. TO: Officers of the American Studies Association FROM: The Summit Group RE: Decision to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions The Summit Group is an almost 50 year old informal group of professional PhD Industrial and Organiza- tional Psychologists. We are professionals both in in- dustry and in academe who meet annually and corre- spond frequently about issues in which we have inter- est. The misguided decision by the American Studies Association generated numerous correspondences among us and, we the undersigned, do hereby send you the conclusions of our discussions: Our planet is etched with the borders and topography of almost 200 countries, some of which have severe human rights issues that defy resolution and are pun- ishing to millions of their citizens. Yet, in this con- text, the American Studies Association passed a resolu- tion calling for a boycott of Israeli academic institu- tions, suggesting that Israeli institutions of higher learning support state policies that violate human rights and negatively impact working conditions of Pal- estinian scholars and students. Although the American Studies Association is free to express opinions or pro- pose actions that it believes is warranted, its focus on the State of Israel does raise a question about its ra- tionale for that choice. The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 15