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SIOP 2014 Theme Track Breakthrough: Expanding I-O Psychology Through Connection Kristen Shockley Baruch College and The Graduate Center-City University Who doesn’t love a good TED talk? (If you are wondering who or what TED is, head here: theory and practices; Business Meets Psy- chology, where, through the use of a case study analysis, two speakers will highlight connections that psychologists and busi- ness practitioners can make to enhance Have you ever imagined hearing a TED talk specifically geared toward topics in how they work together to help compa- which I-O psychologists are interested? nies achieve greater success; Deductive Meets Inductive Research, featuring three Well, imagination becomes reality in methodologists who describe how these Honolulu! This year’s theme track seemingly contradictory philosophical ap- “Breakthrough: Expanding I-O Psychology proaches can be used in conjunction to Through Connection” is adopting a unique create breakthrough ideas; and Technol- format; all talks will be presented TED- ogy Meets Application, where two speak- style. This means you can expect a group ers will showcase different ways that I-O of hand-picked, dynamic speakers pre- psychologists that can leverage technol- senting on engaging topics in the typical ogy to improve our research and practice. 18 minute, idea-heavy, PowerPoint slide- In addition to some of your favorite SIOP light TED format. All speakers will focus speakers (Michele Gelfand, Rich Grif- on “ideas worth spreading” but with the added emphasis of how I-O psychologists fith, David Waldman, Steven Poelmans, Bill Becker, Fred Oswald, Ron Landis, can use connections outside the tradi- Robert Vandenberg, Kevin Impelman), tional field to foster breakthrough ideas. we are bringing in three speakers from outside mainstream I-O: Specific topics include East Meets West, featuring three talks about how under- Hazel Markus is joining us from Stan- standing cultural differences and effec- tively managing these differences can con- ford University’s social psychology de- partment. She is a pioneer in the study tribute to individual and organizational effectiveness; Neuroscience Meets Leader- of cultural psychology, having published numerous journal articles and books on ship, including three presentations fo- the topic, most recently Clash!: 8 Cul- cused on the application of neuroscience tural Conflicts That Make Us Who We and cognitive psychology to leadership The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 173