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From the LGBT Ad-Hoc Committee: Open Invitation to Allies Larry R. Martinez The Pennsylvania State University Thomas Sasso University of Guelph Nicholas P. Salter Ramapo College At the 2013 SIOP conference in Hous- ton, it was brought to our attention that some SIOP members felt that the the LGBT Committee was only for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans- gender) individuals, in large part be- cause of the name of the committee. After some debate, we decided that the name of the committee should re- main the same for branding/ recognition purposes but that we needed to do a better job of clarifying exactly who we are and what we do to the general SIOP membership. As such, in this article, we hereby state that the LGBT Committee is not just for LGBT individuals (in fact, we are delighted to meet new allies); provide some brief background information about our committee; and extend an enthusiastic invitation to the general SIOP member- ship to become involved in LGBT is- sues, activities, and research at this year’s SIOP conference and thereafter. 176 Background of the LGBT Committee In 2003, Ann Marie Ryan (SIOP presi- dent at the time) proposed that an ad-hoc committee on LGBT research and membership issues should be formed (Chao, 2003). The vision for this committee was that would give “voice” to LGBT people within SIOP. Prior to this, though LGBT issues and concerns were being discussed in both research and applied settings, SIOP did not have a formal mecha- nism for this. Under the direction of the first cochairs, Scott Button and Mikki Hebl, this ad-hoc committee began exploring how to promote and encourage the awareness and scien- tific understanding of LGBT issues in the workplace. The current mission of the LGBT ad- hoc committee is to increase favor- able attitudes and awareness of LGBT April 2014 Volume 51 Issue 4