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International Affairs Committee: Update and Announcements Angelo DeNisi Chair, IAC The International Affairs Committee (IAC) is a standing committee of SIOP that is charged with providing a channel for communications among I-O psy- chologists around the world, hoping to help SIOP learn from what others are doing and also contributing to the global knowledge base on behalf of SIOP. The chair of the committee is appointed by the SIOP president for a 2-year term, and the committee members are ap- pointed by the chair. Several topics were suggested, vetted by and voted on by the Board members, and two topics emerged as good candi- dates. The board then set out to identify teams who could produce the papers, and many more discussion followed. Thus, this is an ongoing process, but we now have firm commitments for two papers that should be ready later this year. They are: 1. Workplace Bullying: Causes, Conse- quences, and Coping Strategies, by M. One of the most important charges for Sandy Hershcovis (University of Mani- the IAC is to develop a SIOP White Paper toba), Tara C. Reich (London School of Series. The purpose of these white pa- Economics and Political Science), and pers is to allow SIOP and SIOP members Karen Niven (University of Manchester), to weigh in on issues facing HR manag- and ers and I-O psychologists around the world, and they represent a means by 2. Youth Employment and Youth Unem- which I-O psychology can “give itself ployment Around the World (working away” in a global society. Thus, the pa- title), by Rosalind Searle (University of pers in this series are meant to address Coventry), José M. Peiró (University of issues that are important for members Valencia), Berrin Erdogen (Portland worldwide, and for which SIOP members State University), and Ute-Christine have some expertise to share. The White Klehe (Justuc-Liebig University Giessen), Paper Review Board, in charge of this with several other potential authors in- activity, includes John Scott, Soo Min volved as well. Toh, Stuart Carr, and Lynda Zugec. The board members began the process with The IAC is also charged with the selec- a long conference call to discuss possible tion of a winner for the SIOP Best Inter- topics for forthcoming white papers. national Poster Award. This year, we The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 185