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SIOP Members in the News Clif Boutelle When we think of the media, it is the major newspapers, magazines, and net- work radio and television that come to mind. Although they still remain impor- tant to any organization seeking to gen- erate awareness about itself, the Inter- net has created a whole new avenue of media outlets that should not be over- looked. In fact, more and more organiza- tions are utilizing Internet sites and so- cial media to tell their stories. the country, asked that question and de- scribed I-O practitioners and scholars as “versatile scientists specializing in human behavior in the workplace.” SIOP Presi- dent Tammy Allen, along with Tracy Kan- trowitz and Doug Reynolds, were quoted in that and other stories. Kantrowitz said she wasn’t surprised by the BLS ranking. “It’s consistent with what we’ve seen in recent years. Applications to grad schools are way up.” And a growing number of SIOP members are finding their way onto Internet sites because writers, whether mainstream media or on the Internet (often report- ers are writing for both), still need credi- ble resources. So, the opportunities for media mentions are expanding and that is good for the field of I-O psychology and SIOP members. Smart phones are not the workplace distraction some employers may think they are, according to research by Sooyeol Kim, a doctoral candidate at Kansas State University, that appeared in the February 19 Business News Daily and Huffington Post. The study’s findings suggested that “having workers take small breaks on their phones through the day may positively influence their perceived well-being at the end of the workday,” said Kim. Following are some of the press men- tions, including online sites, that have occurred in the past several months: Earlier this year the Bureau of Labor Statis- tics released its fastest growing occupa- tions list for the next decade, and indus- trial-organizational psychology was at the top of the list, prompting some news or- ganizations to want to learn more about I- O. A February 5 ABC News story, which was distributed to media outlets across 198 A January 13 story in the Washington Post covered a congressional panel in- vestigating the feelings of low self- esteem and stress that afflicts federal workers. Testifiers included SIOP mem- bers David Costanza of George Wash- ington University, Eduardo Salas of the University of Central Florida, and Amy Grubb of the FBI. However, the story April 2014 Volume 51 Issue 4