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A Critical Analysis of Topical Content and Authorship Trends in Applied Psychology Kenneth P. De Meuse Wisconsin Management Group King Yii Tang and Jonathan Feil Korn/Ferry International Abstract: A content analysis was con- ducted of all chapters written in the three editions of the Industrial and Organiza- tional Psychology Handbook published in 1976, 1990–1994, and 2011 (N = 157). Both the topics addressed and the author demographics were examined to ascer- tain how the discipline of applied psychol- ogy has changed during the past 4 dec- ades. The findings revealed a majority of topics were constant across all three edi- tions. However, the number of chapters focusing on the so-called “O side” had increased (e.g., diversity, work–life bal- ance), whereas the attention given to the “I side” had waned (e.g., human factors, biodata). Results also demonstrated that applied psychology is becoming more in- clusive and diverse in terms of chapter authors, both with regard to gender and race as well as in the percentage of au- thors from university affiliations outside the United States. However, nearly all chapters continued to be written by au- thors within the academic community rather than psychologists in industry. De- spite the sustained emphasis among pro- 20 fessionals on closing the so-called “scientist–practitioner gap,” there re- mains a great need to involve business psychologists to enhance the relevance and usability of applied psychology. Struc- tural and systematic impediments to clos- ing the gap are discussed and suggestions for reframing it are highlighted. Industrial and organizational (I-O) psy- chology is a dynamic and evolving scien- tific discipline. It is represented by Divi- sion 14 of the American Psychological Association (APA), formally known as the Society for Industrial and Organiza- tional Psychology or SIOP. Its mission is to enhance human well-being and per- formance in work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of I-O psychology (SIOP, 2012a). One of the signature achievements of SIOP and the APA is the publication of the Industrial- Organizational Psychology Handbook. Originally edited by Marvin Dunnette in 1976, it has been published two addi- tional times. The second edition was published as a series of four volumes April 2014 Volume 51 Issue 4