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Reflections on “Making Your Own Way” in Your Career Jane Brodie Gregory PDRI, a CEB Company Jimmy Davis Blacksmith Consulting Co. Bernardo Ferdman Alliant International University Neta Moye PDRI, a CEB Company Candice Young Microsoft At last year’s (2013) SIOP conference, a panel of SIOP members with diverse ca- reer paths shared some insights and ad- vice on “Making Your Own Way” in a career in I-O psychology. Jimmy Davis (Blacksmith Consulting), Candice Young (Microsoft), Bernardo Ferdman (Alliant International University), and Neta Moye (PDRI, a CEB Company) reflected on their process of self-discovery and their lessons learned in transitions through academic and applied (both internal and external) roles. Each panelist brought years of diverse experiences in a wide variety of roles to the discussion. The panel intentionally comprised individuals whose careers have traversed internal I-O roles, external I-O roles, academia, and “other” outlets (e.g., 36 being self-employed, working in less tradi- tional I-O capacities). If you are early in your career or considering making a switch to a very different type of job, take a look at some of the insights and advice shared by these panelists. Each panelist commented on the impor- tance of knowing who you are, what you want, what your strengths are, and gener- ally where you are headed. Bernardo em- phasized the importance of being yourself and becoming your best self. You might Below we summarize a few highlights from that session, which you may find useful as you navigate your own unique career path. First and Foremost, Know Thyself April 2014 Volume 51 Issue 4