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It’s Nice to Meet You Sir! A Transcript of a Retired I-O Psychologist's (Ned) Conversation While Getting Acquainted With a New Neighbor (Harry) in a South Florida Retirement Community Ned Rosen Author's Commentary: I drafted the following inter- view account after one too many wine coolers on a hot afternoon. I have had many such encounters both before and during my retirement. They occurred on commercial air flights, over restaurant meals, during cocktail par- ties—and yes—at tennis courts and golf courses. For example, "You are an indus- trial-organizational psychologist? Can you help me with my chronic digestive problem?" Or, "Aren't you the guys who help the military put round pegs in square holes?" Here is a detailed "script" of how a recent interview unfolded. It describes my conversation with a new neighbor (Harry) in a South Florida re- tirement community. The Scene: Harry and Ned just outside the Tennis Club Pro Shop; the tennis in- structor has just introduced them to each other. Ned is holding his oversize racquet designed for senior citizens. ;-) The Industrial Organizational Psychologist Harry: It's nice to meet you, Ned. Have you lived here for a long time? Ned: About 7 years... Harry: Where did you come from origi- nally? Ned: My wife and I used to live in the Miami area. Before that we lived in Ithaca, NY. How about you, Harry? Harry: We moved here last month from Chicago, my hometown. What's in Ithaca? Ned: Two educational institutions and a gun factory are its primary claims to 45