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Introducing I-O Advocacy Consider these questions: “How should teacher per- formance be evaluated?” “How can the government help returning military members and their families?” “How can the policymakers best support underem- ployed and unemployed individuals?” These are criti- cal issues with significant individual, organizational, and societal consequences. They are also topics/issues about which I-O has a great deal of expertise to con- tribute. To date, though, our role in informing policy decisions about issues like these has been fairly lim- ited. Although individual SIOP members may be work- ing on relevant projects, SIOP and I-O have not gener- ally been “at the table” when federal policy makers discuss these types of issues. As described below, SIOP is now trying to change that! Seth Kaplan George Mason University Carla Jacobs Lewis-Burke Associates LLC 82 The goal of this new column is twofold. First, we want to provide you with updates about the various initia- tives that SIOP, and our partner Lewis-Burke, are un- dertaking to build an identity in Washington, DC in or- der to help guide policy discussions and funding deci- sions. Second, and closely related, this column is meant to provide you with information, opportunities, and guidance for how you can help with these initia- tives and in advocating for I-O and SIOP more gener- ally. Each quarter we will report to you on new advo- cacy activities and, in doing so, hopefully get you as energized as we have become about the potential im- pact our research and practice can have in Washing- ton. We are excited about our early progress and look forward to working with you as we pursue these im- portant goals! April 2014 Volume 51 Issue 4