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It is a fantastic time to be an I-O psychologist. Perhaps you saw one of the articles that appeared online ( -growing-jobs-surprise/story?id=22364716) or the SIOP press release ( article_view.aspx?article=1219#.Uw5URRYhzdk). The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified “industrial- organizational psychologist” as the fastest growing occupation with a projected 2012–2022 growth rate of 53%. I have also heard anecdotally that many I-O doc- toral programs experienced an increase in the number of applications for fall 2014 admissions. The demand for training and jobs looks bright. Tammy Allen University of South Florida It is an even better time to be a member of SIOP!! The annual conference is around the corner in our most excit- ing venue yet and is jam packed with outstanding con- tent. The new SIOP brand is ready to be rolled out. A great deal has been happening on many fronts to grow and enhance our Society. Want to know more? Minutes from Executive Board meetings and committee reports are available on my.SIOP. In this, my last (!) column, I want to provide some updates with regard to the priori- ties and objectives I listed in my closing plenary address. In that address I described five objectives. 1. Strengthen the connection between SIOP and local I-O groups. Over the past several years I, had the pleasure of giv- ing talks to various local I-O groups. Attending these meetings has always been a great experience. Mem- bership often includes individuals who do not regularly attend the annual SIOP conference or who may not even be SIOP members. The meetings can be an espe- cially important means of interaction for those in prac- tice who may be the only people in their organization The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 7