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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Volume 51, #4

April 2014

Table of Contents   PDF

A Message From Your President   PDF   
Tammy Allen

The Editor's Out-Box: The Identity Issue   PDF   
Morrie Mullins

Letter to the SIOP Community   PDF

Letter to the Editor: Revisiting the Anchors Used in Supervisory Appraisals: A Brief Note on the Topic   PDF   
Joel Moses

Feature Articles

A Critical Analysis of Topical Content and Authorship Trends in Applied Psychology   PDF
Kenneth P. De Meuse, King Yii Tang, and Jonathan Feil

Reflections on "Making Your Own Way" in Your Career   PDF
Jane Brodie Gregory, Jimmy Davis, Bernardo Ferdman, Neta Moye, and Candice Young

Confronting the Real Identity Crisis   PDF
Nathan Gerard

It's Nice to Meet You Sir!   PDF
Ned Rosen

Outreach to Nonprofit Volunteer Programs: Opportunity for Impact, Improving Graduate Education, and an Invitation to Become a Part of the Volunteer Program Assessment   PDF
Jessie L. Olien, Alexandra M. Dunn, Erika C. Lopina, and Steven G. Rogelberg

The 2011 SIOP Graduate Program Benchmarking Survey Part 7: Theses, Dissertations, and Performance Expectations   PDF
Robert P. Tett, Cameron Brown, and Benjamin Walser

The I-O Pipeline and The Educational Outreach Program (THEO)   PDF
Garett Howardson, Brian Kim, Mindy K. Shoss, Larissa K. Barber, and Dustin K. Jundt


SIOP in Washington: Introducing I-O Advocacy   PDF
Seth Kaplan and Carla Jacobs

Practice Perspectives: Professional Labels and Job Titles of SIOP Members   PDF
Rob Silzer and Chad Parson

International Practice Forum: Making Virtual Work Work   PDF
Alex Alonso and Mo Wang

The Modern App: Effectively Leveraging Multidisciplinary Teams to Enhance I-O Interventions With Technology   PDF
Tiffany Poeppelman and Nikki Blacksmith

Good Science–Good Practice: Well-Being and Organizational Outcomes   PDF
Tom Giberson and Suzanne Miklos

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: Humanitarian Work Psychology in South Africa: Poverty, Inequality, the Legacy of Apartheid, and the Role of I-O Psychology   PDF
Lori Foster Thompson and Alexander E. Gloss

Organizational Neuroscience: TIP Interview With Professor Sigal Barsade   PDF
M.K. Ward and Bill Becker

The High Society: Blowout Theory Sale!!!   PDF
Paul Muchinsky

The Academics' Forum: The Power of Words: A Vocabulary Lesson   PDF
Satoris S. Culbertson

TIP-TOPics: Building Your Program’s Internal Strengths and Infrastructure: Service to the Department   PDF
Caitlin A. Demsky and Kevin O. Novak

History Corner: Personnel Research and General Electric   PDF
Kevin T. Mahoney and Tyler M. Miller

Yes You Can: I-Os and Funded Research: The Balancing Act   PDF
Ashley Walvoord and Kristen Shockley

Guest Column: A Young Scholar's Guide to Building a Professional Network   PDF
April D. Schantz

Foundation Spotlight: Bill and Barbara Owens: Sustaining and Advancing I-O   PDF
Milt Hakel


Suggested Practices for Making I-O Connections: Let’s Build Bridges and Grow I-O!   PDF
Joseph A. Allen, Tara S. Behrend, Suzanne T. Bell, and Victoria J. Smoak

SIOP 2014 Conference Highlights!   PDF
Evan Sinar and Robin Cohen

SIOP 2014 Theme Track: Breakthrough: Expanding I-O Psychology Through Connection   PDF
Kristen Shockley

From the LGBT Ad-Hoc Committee: Open Invitation to Allies   PDF
Larry R. Martinez, Thomas Sasso, and Nicholas P. Salter

News From the SIOP United Nations Team   PDF
John C. Scott, Deborah E. Rupp, Lise Saari, Lori Foster Thompson, Mathian Osicki, Drew Mallory, and Alexander Gloss

International Affairs Committee: Update and Announcements   PDF
Angelo DeNisi

Highlights of SIOP's Programming at the 2014 APA Convention   PDF
Autumn Krauss

Notes From APA Council of Representative Meeting   PDF
Deborah Whetzel

Report of the SIOP Election Committee   PDF
José M. Cortina

Obituary: Irwin L. Goldstein   PDF
Benjamin Schneider 

Rebecca Baker

SIOP Members in the News   PDF

Conferences & Meetings   PDF
Marianna Horn

SIOP Information   PDF

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