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In the last column on the international practice of I-O psy- chology, we discussed industrial-organizational psychology within the context of India and Indian organizations. As we begin to focus on South Africa, we notice interesting parallels (and differences) in how industrial-organizational psychology has evolved and continues to grow among political, econom- ic, and cultural changes. Read on to explore the fascinating world of industrial-organizational psychology in South Africa! Showcasing I-O Psychology in South Africa Ameetha Garbharran (Registered Industrial Psychologist, South Africa; Independent Management Consultant, Toronto, Canada) with contributions by Kim Dowdeswell (President of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA); Head of Science and Research, CEB, South Africa) Introduction Lynda Zugec The Workforce Consultants 36 The South African story captivated the interest of the world as it played out on the international stage. Historically, the country was infamous for the legislated system of apartheid, which created a racially and socially fractured nation and an economically unequal and divided society. From the ashes of this inhumane system, inspirational leaders like Nelson Mandela emerged to spread hope and the promise of freedom for all South Africans. Now a democratic country, South Africa is a flagship for economic growth and development in Africa. This created new opportunities for doing business and drives the relevance and growth of the science and practice of the profession of I-O psychology in the country. This article will showcase recent developments and advances shaping the South African I-O psychology landscape that are paving the way for its continuing evolution in Africa’s flagship economy. April 2015, Volume 52, Number 4